U23 Vietnam will have difficulty, in a “life and death” position after the war with U23 Korea?

At 8pm tonight (June 5, Vietnam time), U23 Vietnam will enter the second round of the group stage of the Asian U23 tournament against the most difficult opponent, U23 Korea. Meanwhile, in the later match (22h), U23 Thailand will face Malaysia.

The Korean newspaper believes that the home team has surpassed U23 Vietnam

Commenting on the match between U23 Vietnam and U23 Korea tonight, the famous newspaper Chosun said that with the difference in qualifications, it is very likely that Korea U23 will win to definitely advance to the quarterfinals. without caring about the remaining matches, including the last match between them and Thailand U23.

Chosun newspaper reviews: “Just defeating U23 Vietnam, U23 Korea will definitely advance to the quarterfinals without caring about the final result of the third match. In the opening match against Malaysia, Korea U23 faced the most difficulties. Due to local climate adaptation as well as imperfect stadium conditions, undesirable results can occur, leading to psychological pressure on young players.

Moreover, many players in Korea U23 such as Lee Kang-in, Hong Hyeon-seok have very little time to gather to practice with their teammates. However, the Korean U23 players still overcame difficulties to win 4-1.

U23 Vietnam – the second opponent, will not be an easy opponent with U23 Korea. They have grown steadily under Coach Park Hang-seo and have established themselves as a power in Southeast Asia. Recently, they won the SEA Games, the spirit is high.

U23 Vietnam will have difficulty, in a life-and-death position after the war with U23 Korea?  - Photo 1.

Chosun highly appreciates U23 Vietnam but thinks that U23 Korea will win.

Starting from the Asian U23 tournament, coach Gong Oh-kyun took charge, and Vietnamese players entered the tournament with greater enthusiasm. Under a new manager, all the players have no choice but to give their best.

U23 Vietnam partly showed its strength when meeting Thailand in the first match. Despite conceding in extra time, letting the opponent equalize 2-2, they had the upper hand against Thailand. Confronting U23 Vietnam will be a challenge with U23 Korea.

In order for Korea U23 to have a second consecutive victory at the Asian U23 tournament, they need to overcome U23 Vietnam, but this is completely within reach. If you win U23 Vietnam, U23 Korea will definitely enter the quarterfinals and the whole team can accumulate physical strength for the main players in the last match (against Thailand). Because this is a mandatory task, in the arena where the players have to play 3 days/match, winning the first two matches (including the match against U23 Vietnam) can help coach Hwang Seon-Hong and students towards the goal of defending the tournament championship”.

U23 Vietnam will have to “give up” before U23 Korea?

Scores24 prediction and statistics page predicts that U23 Vietnam will not be able to surprise the defending champion U23 Korea.

In the last three confrontations between the two teams, U23 Korea won against U23 Vietnam.

Currently, U23 Vietnam is still showing very good results. In the past 8 matches, this team won 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. However, in the match against the upcoming opponent (U23 Korea), U23 Vietnam proved to be clearly inferior.

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Scores24 thinks that U23 Vietnam can even lose by a difference against U23 Korea.

Meanwhile, Korea U23 is on a 4-match winning streak. Just looking at the results of the last matches (won Malaysia 4-1; won Singapore 5-1; won Timor Leste 6-0 and Philippines 3-0), such confident victories show that Korea U23 Quoc will continue to win the next match.

We have no doubts about the fact that U23 Korea will win against U23 Vietnam with a difference of maybe a few goals.”

What will U23 Vietnam do if they lose to Korea?

In Group C, only South Korea U23 is winning 3 points (difference +3) while U23 Vietnam and Thailand have 1 point (difference 0), and U23 Malaysia currently has no points (difference – – 0). 3).

In case of losing to Korea U23 tonight, U23 will only be able to finish 3rd (even be pushed to the bottom of the table) regardless of the later match, Thailand U23 has the result against Malaysia. If Thailand wins or draws, “War Elephants” will be second in the group, and if Thailand loses, Malaysia will climb to second place.

Then, with 1 point in hand, U23 Vietnam will be forced to win the last round against Malaysia to move towards the quarter-final ticket. Of course, that is not an easy goal, but it is still within the ability of U23 Vietnam.

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