‘Vietnam U23 is weaker, no pressure against Korea U23’

Korea U23 is very strong, but we are not under psychological pressure, because we determine mentally that we are weaker, so we are free to play as best we can. The important thing is that now the whole team is fine, there are no health problems. We prepare our best for the next match“, midfielder Nguyen Van Truong shared before the training session on the afternoon of June 4 of U23 Vietnam.

After the Thailand U23 draw, U23 Vietnam have 1 day to recover physically, before entering the tactical rehearsal for the match against Korea U23. Coach Gong Oh-kyun continues to maintain a positive energy for the players, with an exciting atmosphere on the training ground and an optimistic spirit towards the best results.

'Vietnam U23 is weaker, no pressure against Korea U23' - 1

Midfielder Nguyen Van Truong.

Regarding the correlation of forces, U23 Vietnam is difficult to compare with U23 Korea, which is being evaluated as a candidate for the championship. However, football always contains surprises.

The serious preparation and in-depth expertise of the coaching staff, especially the experience and understanding of coach Gong Oh-kyun about Korean football, is an opportunity for U23 Vietnam to work towards the goal of having a successful career. points in this match.

The coaching staff will plan the strategy, and the player’s task is to follow that strategy, and so on“, Van Truong emphasized.

The 18-year-old is also excited at the prospect of facing Lee Kang-in – a Korean football prodigy. In the match against Malaysia U23, Lee Kang-in made a mark in 2 goals of Korea U23. Midfielder born in 2001 has had 3 years of playing football in LaLiga and is the brightest star in the league U23 Asia this year.

'Vietnam U23 is weaker, no pressure before Korea U23' - 2

U23 Vietnam has a comfortable mentality.

I was eager to face Lee. This player has individual technique and very good vision. Me and the whole team will have to be careful, but I think the most important thing is for each of us to stay comfortable.“, Van Truong affirmed.

The match U23 Vietnam vs U23 Korea took place at 8 pm tonight 5/6, VTC News reported live the progress of the competition, please pay attention to watch.

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