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What is the future of Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

Follow Independentlast week, petition to remove Amber Heard completely from the movie Aquaman 2 has officially reached the target of 4.5 million signatures. Two days later, when the jury ruled in Johnny Depp’s favor in the couple’s highly publicized defamation trial, the petition gained 6 million signatures.

The volatility of Amber Heard’s role in the upcoming sequel to Aquaman 2 This is a topic that many fans of this movie are interested in. At the session, Amber Heard revealed the role Aquaman 2 Her screen time was significantly reduced after Johnny Depp’s legal team called her abuse claims a “hoax”.

“I fought so hard to stay in the movie. They didn’t want to put me in the movie,” she said. According to an unconfirmed Hollywood report, Amber Heard appeared in less than 10 minutes of season 2 of the movie about the king of the sea.

What is the future of Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?  - Photo 1.

Will Amber Heard be dropped from Aquaman 2? (Photo: DC).

DC film head Walter Hamada has also been called to testify in court about Amber Heard’s reduced screen time.

“The scale of her role in the film was determined in the early stages of script development,” Hamada said at the trial. This person believes that the lack of chemistry between Amber Heard and Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman, is the reason why she was cut from her role in the movie.

Despite the online petition hitting its previous goal of 4.5 million signatures, no one from DC has made public about the possibility that Amber Heard will be replaced or removed from Aquaman 2. The film is slated to hit theaters in 2023 after a period of delay.

Will Amber Heard be dropped from Aquaman 2?

James Wan, the film’s director, said that the film is currently completing the special effects stage. Other DC titles, such as Black Adam and DC League of Super-Petsexperienced the same delay.

What is the future of Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?  - Photo 3.

Amber Heard and Jason Momoa in Aquaman. (Photo: IT).

Just one of Amber Heard’s co-stars from the series Aquaman talked about working with her on movies.

Dolph Lundgren said: “She’s amazing. I’ve worked with her on Aquaman first, now the second movie. We shot last fall in London. She was amazing, I had a very happy experience with her.”

An online petition to remove Heard from the series first gained traction in November 2020, reaching 1.5 million signatures after Johnny Depp pulled out of the series. Fantastic Beasts.

In July 2021, the producer of Aquaman 2 Peter Safran commented on calls to remove Heard from the film. Safran said to Deadline about the decision to keep Amber Heard for the sequel.

“I don’t think we’re going to meet those demands, to be honest, it’s pure fan pressure. We feel that, if the roles are different from James Wan and Jason Momoa, then Mera has to be Amber Heard in the role,” he said.

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