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Why right after catching Quan Vu, Ton Quyen quickly ordered beheading?

During a period of great turmoil such as the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, many successive wars occurred between the vassals. However, the three most powerful forces that rose up at that time were Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Ngo.

Heroic chaos. During this period, there were countless heroes and heroes emerging everywhere. However, there was a talented general who was even feared and feared by all three of the strongest political groups in the Three Kingdoms. That is Quan Vu, a famous general who achieved many famous feats in the Three Kingdoms (according to the Three Kingdoms interpretation). He was also one of the most effective men who wholeheartedly supported Liu Bei and the Shu Han dynasty.

History books describe Quan Vu as a proud and extremely skilled martial artist. He is seen as a symbol of loyalty. Unfortunately, a talented martial artist like Quan Vu ended up regretfully leaving while the great career of Shu Han’s Han Dynasty revival was still unfinished.

In 215, after Kinh Chau was redistributed, Guan Yu was sent by Liu Bei to be a guard in this important land.

In 219, Guan Yu sent his army to attack Phan Thanh. Initially, Quan Vu’s army won many advantages and won against his opponent, Cao Wei. However, while Quan Vu was putting all his strength into the war with Cao Wei, suddenly Ton Quyen sent La Mong to attack Kinh Chau. This made Guan Yu not able to return in time.

Guan Yu asked for more reinforcements, but two Shu Han generals stationed nearby, Luu Phong and Manh Dat, were both motionless. As a result, in 220, Quan Vu was captured by the Dong Ngo army and had to be beheaded.

Quan Vu was arrested, why did Ton Quyen order immediate beheading: Unexpected cause!  - Photo 1.

Quan Vu’s death made many people regret. Photo: Sohu

The strange thing is that right after catching Quan Vu and his son, Ton Quyen ordered the execution immediately. After beheading, Ton Quyen sent someone to offer Quan Vu’s head to Cao Cao in Luoyang.

Why does Ton Quyen do this?

Ton Quyen, the monarch of Dong Ngo, chose to cut off Guan Yu’s head and offer it to Cao Cao for three reasons.

First, the offering of Quan Vu’s head proves that Ton Quyen wants to cancel the alliance between Thuc Han and Dong Ngo before Cao Cao.

Second, Sun Quan’s hasty action to kill Guan Yu aims to direct Liu Bei’s hatred towards Cao Cao. At the same time, it also cuts off Cao Cao and Liu Bei’s ability to combine.

Third, revenge on Guan Yu, this is probably the deepest cause. The reason why Quan Vu died in such a regretful way came from the fact that he had insulted Ton Quyen in the past.

Quan Vu was arrested, why did Ton Quyen order immediate beheading: Unexpected cause!  - Photo 2.

Ton Quyen decided to cut off Quan Vu’s head for many reasons. Photo: Sohu

Accordingly, when Quan Vu defended Kinh Chau, Ton Quyen also fell into a state of worry about the danger that this brave general could attack Dong Ngo at any time. At that time, Ton Quyen thought of a plan to send a messenger to ask Quan Vu to give his daughter to his son to make friends.

However, Quan Vu is inherently arrogant, so he despises Sun Quan. He scolded the messenger and even flatly refused with a sentence: “How can a female tiger marry a dog?” This sentence of Quan Vu is to compare his own daughter as noble, while Ton Quyen’s son is a low class, unworthy to marry his daughter.

Quan Vu did not have foresight, so he did not know that his implied statement would damage the alliance between Thuc Han and Dong Ngo, and lead to the destruction of the “Long Trung countermeasure” strategy. Prime Minister Zhuge Liang proposed.

Immediately after hearing the news, the statement showing Quan Vu’s contemptuous attitude made Ton Quyen hold a grudge in his heart. On the one hand, Sun Quan chose to be patient and wait for his time, on the other hand, he began to build a relationship with the Cao Wei dynasty. This is also the reason why as soon as Quan Vu was captured alive, Ton Quyen ordered the merciless execution.

After Guan Yu’s death, Liu Bei decided to execute Liu Feng because he felt that death could not save him, and he also launched a conquest against Dong Wu to take revenge. Unfortunately, after the great defeat in the battle of Di Lang, Luu Bei had to retreat to Bach De citadel and not long after that he died.

It can be said that the death of the famous general Quan Vu was the source of irreparable losses in Liu Bei’s career, and also pushed Shu Han to become a weak point in the Three Kingdoms at that time.

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