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With only 2 goalkeepers left, U.23 Vietnam may be passive

In the present time, when the goalkeeper Van Toan Not able to practice again, U.23 Vietnam team only has 2 goalkeepers, Quan Van Chuan and Dang Tuan Hung.

After being taken to the hospital for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Van Toan was concluded that he suffered a bone injury to the left ring finger. He got this injury in a situation related to the 1-1 equalizer of Thailand U.23 a few days ago. As soon as the incident happened, Van Toan was in great pain and he thought he had broken a hand bone, but through a quick examination, Dr. Choi reassured him that he was just dislocated.

Van Toan said the reason he was in pain was because he didn’t catch the ball, so the ball hit his finger. Toan didn’t break any bones, but with this type of injury, according to a doctor sport, must have a fixed brace and need at least 15 days to 1 month to be able to practice again. Thus, it is very difficult for Van Toan to return to the goal even in team conditions U.23 Vietnam go deep in this year’s Asian U.23 tournament.

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When replacing goalkeeper Van Toan, Quan Van Chuan played well


The team currently has goalkeepers Quan Van Chuan and Dang Tuan Hung. Being brought to the field in the 37th minute of the match against Thailand U.23, Chuan played quite well, saving many dangerous situations. However, a team always has at least 3 goalkeepers because this is a sensitive position, there should be enough force to replace when needed. In the event of an accident, having only 2 goalkeepers can make U.23 Vietnam passive.

Coach Nguyen Thanh Cong (Ha Tinh Club) shared: “In long-term tournaments like the V-League, each team needs four goalkeepers. In major international tournaments, the number of goalkeepers is also 3. We are very sorry for Van Toan because he is in pain at this time. Of course, the U.23 Vietnam team will also be affected because of the lack of the best goalkeeper. But in football there are force majeure events that we have to accept and adapt to.

In fact, Van Chuan came on from the bench but played well and hopefully he will shine to help Vietnam’s defence Play safe against opponents. If Vietnam U.23 goes deeper into the tournament, the matches will be more difficult and the goalkeeper and defense will have to work harder. The home audience hopes that the whole team will be physically fit to go through the difficult journey ahead. In particular, the goalkeeper position will not have errors.”

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