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Wrong habits lead to kidney failure – Life Health

Sunday, June 5, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

Kidney failure is a condition in which the kidneys lose their function and are no longer able to filter waste products from the blood. This is the end stage of chronic kidney disease. The disease not only causes pain, fatigue, reduced quality of life, but can also cause death at any time.

1. Overview of kidney failure disease

In our country, there are no official statistics, but it is estimated that about 5 million people have kidney disease and each year there are about 10,000 more cases. CKDalong with nearly 1 million people with end-stage renal failure requiring dialysis.

There are two types of kidney failure: acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure, which in practice are known as acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease.

‎Acute renal failure is a rapid decline in kidney function over a few days to a few weeks. After treatment, it is possible to fully or partially restore kidney function.

As for chronic kidney failure, it is a long and irreversible process. The goal of treatment is to slow the progression of the disease and limit possible complications.

Most kidney failure will damage the Nephron (a structural unit of the kidney) making the kidneys unable to remove waste from the body. If left untreated or failed, kidney function will be lost.

Wrong habits lead to kidney failure - 1

Kidney failure is a condition in which the kidneys lose their function and are no longer able to filter waste products from the blood.

2. Causes of kidney failure

There are many causes of kidney disease, glomerular disease accounts for 40%, including:

– Acute glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, chronic glomerulonephritis, glomerulonephritis due to systemic diseases.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are two causes of kidney damage and chronic kidney failure.

– Chronic tubulointerstitial disease due to infectious or non-infectious causes.

– Patients who are poisoned for a long time or some drugs used to treat medical disorders can also damage the kidneys, leading to chronic kidney failure.

– Besides, holding urine (women are more likely than men) plus the anatomical structure of women, also increases the risk of urinary infections. In addition, people with diabetes, kidney failure, and people on dialysis are also more susceptible to urinary tract infections than the general population.

– Habits of eating salty foods, eating a lot of MSG, unscientific lifestyle, such as when you know you’re sick but don’t get treatment, treat but don’t comply with your doctor’s instructions… make the disease progress quickly.

Wrong habits lead to kidney failure - 3

There are many causes of kidney failure.

3. Some wrong habits lead to kidney damage and kidney failure

Habit of eating salty food

Eating salty foods regularly causes the body to absorb excess salt, causing high blood pressure. That will put pressure on the kidneys, forcing the kidneys to work harder. That leads to kidney failure. Not only that, eating salty also causes kidney stones, fatty kidneys … For people with kidney disease, the habit of eating salty causes great harm. Should reduce salt intake in the body for better kidney function. For ordinary people, eating too much salt is also not good. To prevent kidney failure, it is recommended to reduce the amount of salt in each meal.

Habit of eating sweets, drinking a lot of soft drinks

Eating too much sugar leads to increased blood pressure and causes diabetes. They will directly affect the functioning of the kidneys. Besides, the regular use of sugary drinks will increase the protein in the urine. And this is also one of the early symptoms of kidney failure.

Soft drinks are a popular beverage these days. However, they contain many acids with high pH, ​​affecting the human body. An elevated pH will also affect the functioning of the kidneys. This is because this organ is the organ that regulates the pH of the body. Therefore, if you drink a lot of soft drinks for a long time, you will be at risk of kidney failure.

Habit of skipping breakfast

Normally, the morning is the time when the gallbladder works to secrete fluid to prepare for the digestion of food. But when the gallbladder does not have food to digest, it causes bile to accumulate longer in the body. Doing so for a long time will create conditions for the formation of gallstones, kidney stones. It gradually leads to kidney failure.

Wrong habits lead to kidney failure - 4

Drinking too little water every day is one of the causes of kidney failure.

Or hold in urine

Urine contains waste products, toxins are pushed out. Holding in urine frequently causes urine to stagnate inside the bladder, putting pressure on this organ. The bladder becomes a fertile ground for bacteria to grow and enter the body. That causes mental bedwetting, bladder infections… And kidney failure is also caused by this. To prevent kidney failure, you should go to the nearest toilet when you feel the need to urinate.

Lazy habit of drinking water

Drinking too little water every day is one of the causes of kidney failure. When the amount of water is loaded and the body is too little, the urinary system also works less. So it takes a while to store urine for one elimination session. The urine will then become more concentrated. The waste products and toxins will be deposited, making it easier for the kidneys to form stones. This long-term process will affect the functioning of the kidneys and cause kidney failure.

However, drinking too much water is also not good. Then the kidneys will have to work harder. Therefore, to prevent kidney failure, you should drink enough water for the body to need every day.

Habit of drinking beer and wine

The alcohol in beer and wine greatly affects the kidney’s function of filtering and eliminating toxins from the blood. Alcohol will cause uric acid stagnation. They clog the renal tubules and cause the kidneys to fail quickly.

Habit of eating less vegetables, more meat

Eating too much meat, especially red meat, will make the kidneys work harder. The kidneys also have to work a lot to get rid of the toxins in the meat. On average, a 50kg person will need about 40g of Protein per day (equivalent to 300g of meat). Therefore, to prevent kidney failure, you should eat meat in moderation.

Wrong habits lead to kidney failure - 5

Arbitrary use of drugs, improper use can lead to kidney damage, kidney failure.

Arbitrarily using drugs and using the wrong instructions

Arbitrary use of drugs, improper use can lead to kidney damage, kidney failure. Some drugs can cause kidney damage (especially when used for a long time, at inappropriate doses) such as Aminoglycoside antibiotics, anti-tuberculosis drugs, cancer chemotherapy drugs, contrast agents, some traditional medicines. of unknown origin… Therefore, it is extremely important to use the medicine properly and according to the instructions. It should be used properly according to the instructions and prescription of the doctor. To prevent kidney failure, you should not arbitrarily use the drug without a doctor’s prescription.

4. Doctor’s advice

Renal failure often progresses through several stages, progressively worsening, and eventually leads to end-stage chronic renal failure. At this time, the two kidneys have almost completely lost their function and require the patient to undergo renal replacement therapy such as dialysis, kidney transplant, etc.

The treatment will increase economic costs as well as affect the patient’s quality of life. Therefore, kidney failure needs to be prevented as well as diagnosed and treated promptly, in order to prolong the life of the patient.

Chronic kidney failure often progresses silently, without symptoms, so it is important to detect the disease early, especially for 3 high-risk subjects: people with diabetes, high blood pressure and people with a history of chronic kidney disease. family history of kidney disease. These subjects need to be screened every year and actively treated early to avoid complications on the kidneys.

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