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2 black, 2 itchy, 1 painful are signs of liver damage

The liver is the most important but also the most vulnerable organ. This organ helps the body to detox, store glycogen, synthesize plasma proteins…

When the liver is damaged, it will no longer be able to filter and eliminate toxins in the blood, causing accumulation of toxins, reducing the body’s resistance, reducing quality of life, even causing cancer.


However, liver cells do not have sensory nerves, so if the liver is damaged, there will be little or no signs of disease. Only when the disease becomes serious, the patient goes to the doctor to find out his illness.

In fact, people have liver disease not impossible to detect early. You need to pay attention to observe: If the body suddenly shows signs of “2 black, 2 itchy, 2 painful”, go to a liver doctor as soon as possible.

2 black colors include

– Dark lips

Lips of healthy people look pink and shiny. If the liver has problems, the toxins in the body cannot be eliminated well, which causes the lips to become dark. If you find yourself having this phenomenon, you should be vigilant.


– Dark skin

When toxins in the body cannot be eliminated due to liver damage, the skin is most affected. Moreover, the estrogen balance is also affected by the weak liver, which stimulates melanin, so in patients with liver disease, the common sign is darker and drier skin.

2 itch included

Itchy skin

Itchy skin is a very common phenomenon, but sometimes itchy skin can also be caused by liver problems. Once liver function declines, the body’s metabolism of bilirubin will be abnormal, leading to itchy skin.


– Itchy eyes

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver and eyes have a great relationship. If there is insufficient blood flow to the liver or liver function declines, some eye abnormalities may occur. If these symptoms persist for a long time, you should be extra vigilant.

1 pain includes

– Right lower quadrant pain

The liver is located in the right lower quadrant of the human body, if the liver is damaged, the abdomen may feel a little painful. If this pain is strong and prolonged, you should not hesitate to go to the hospital for examination immediately.


2 things to change, 4 things to actively do to keep the liver healthy

2 changes:

– Sleep earlier

Staying up late is a habit that young people often have, which will gradually accumulate leading to liver damage. Staying up late for a long time will disrupt hormone metabolism, nervous system dysfunction, reduce immunity and damage liver function. Therefore, to have a healthy liver, you need to go to bed early and get enough sleep.


– Take the right medicine

Medical research shows that the rate of liver damage caused by drugs is higher in China than in Western countries, because most of them buy drugs and drink it without consulting a doctor.

Accordingly, antibiotics, fever-reducing and pain-relieving drugs, oral contraceptives… are all capable of causing acute liver damage. You need to talk to a pharmacist, doctor before using the drug to avoid taking too much of the drug, which can damage the liver and kidneys.

4 things to actively do

– Regularly drink green tea: Detoxify the liver.

– Regular nap: Good for liver and blood sugar.

– Good mood: Soothing and beneficial for liver health.

– Regular exercise to improve resistance, fight liver cancer.

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