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35 people were killed, more than 450 injured in a fire at a container depot in Bangladesh

This is information released by Bangladeshi authorities on June 5.

The explosion that caused the chemical container fire took place at the BM Container Depot warehouse in the Kadamrasul area in Sitakunda Upazila, Chittagong district, Southeast Bangladesh on the evening of June 4 (local time).

“So far 35 bodies have been taken to the morgue here,” a police officer stationed at Chattagram Medical College Hospital (CMCH) told reporters.

“More than 450 people have been injured in this incident, including at least 350 in CMCH,” Istakul Islam, Director of Health & Services Department of Red Crescent Youth Chittagong was quoted as saying by the Dhaka Tribune. “The death toll may be higher because victims died in other hospitals.”

Chattogram Division (DC) Commissioner Ashraf Uddin added that the families of the deceased were given $560 (Taka 50,000). Meanwhile, the injured were given $224 (20,000 Taka), the Daily Star reported.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed condolences for the victims and ordered all means to be mobilized for the rescue operation. A highly qualified investigative committee has been established to investigate the explosion, with the results of the investigation to be reported in the next three days.

35 people were killed, more than 450 injured in a container warehouse fire in Bangladesh - Photo 1.

A fire broke out at a container depot in Sitakunda, Bangladesh, on June 4, 2022 (Image: Reuters)

The fire broke out at the container depot at about 9pm on June 4 (local time). As Fire Service units worked to put out the fire, an explosion occurred and then the fire spread.

It was initially suspected that the container depot caught fire due to chemicals, the report added. Then, at about 11:45 p.m., a huge explosion occurred and the fire spread from one container to another due to the chemicals being contained in one container.

The explosion shook the vicinity and shattered the windows of nearby houses, the report added.

About 19 fire units were dispatched to the scene of the explosion to put out the flames and six ambulances were on the scene.

“Some chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide were stored in containers at the warehouse and these chemicals started the fire,” General Mohammad Mainuddin told reporters at the scene in the Sitakunda area on the outskirts of the city. port town.

In a statement, Mujibur Rahman, Director of BM Container Depot, said that the cause of the fire is still unknown: “But I think the fire started in the container. Arrangements are being made to ensure that Injured people receive the best treatment. We will bear the full cost of treatment. Those who are injured in the accident will be compensated to the maximum. In addition, we will be responsible for your family. all the victims”.

As of the morning of June 5, emergency teams were still working to put out the fire, while military medical facilities helped treat the injured. Currently, most of the fire has been controlled, but there are still some points that have not been extinguished.

BM Container Depot is a domestic container depot, established and operating since May 2011. This private container depot is built on 21 acres of land in the Sitakunda area of ​​Chattagram, adjacent to the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

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