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4 foods to avoid to reduce bone pain

Bone pain can happen when you have a cold, a broken bone, or longer-term problems like arthritis. To relieve pain you can take temporary bone pain relievers and eat a healthy diet.

The foods you eat can help ease bone pain, while certain foods make it worse.

Expert Molly Hembree outlines the worst foods you shouldn’t eat when you have bone pain.

Processed red meat

Products such as high-fat sausages and burgers are inflammatory and increase the risk of joint problems because these highly processed meats contain nitrites and purines.

A study published in the journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders has shown that eating more bright red meat is associated with a reduced risk of hip replacement compared to processed meat. Therefore, people with bone pain should eat normally cooked meat instead of processed meat.

Sugary drinks

In general, beverages containing added sugars, such as sodas and lemonades or sweetened teas, have also been linked to inflammation. This can contribute to increased joint problems. Therefore, drinking too much soda and other sugary drinks leads to an increased risk of bone fractures.

High fat milk

While dairy products have some beneficial effects on your bones because of their calcium content, they can also be harmful because they contain casein, a substance that contributes to inflammation in the joints.

According to Hembree, dairy products like whole milk, butter or high-fat creams can cause more joint pain in some people.

Some types of seafood

It is known that some types of seafood cause a higher risk of bone pain than others. Overeating fish such as anchovies, tuna, scallops and sardines contain large amounts of purines. Purines break down into uric acid, then the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints can lead to gout.

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