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4 must-try drinks when coming to Japan

In addition to the famous green tea and sake in Japan, you definitely should not miss the 4 drinks below.

Besides the familiar drinks associated with Japanese names such as green tea and sake, the land of the rising sun also has a variety of drinks with all flavors that diners cannot ignore.

Genmaicha (Brown Rice Tea)

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Brown rice tea (genmaicha). Image: perfectsouth.

Genmaicha or brown rice tea is always in the top unique drinks when traveling to Japan. This is a richly flavored tea that is popular and often enjoyed at breakfast. Genmaicha is made from roasted brown rice with green tea to create a characteristic strong aroma. This drink also has the outstanding effect of helping to stabilize blood pressure when used regularly.

Kombu-cha (Kell Tea)

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Kelp tea (Kombu-cha). Image: Pinterest.

Quite different from kombucha which is a fermented beverage originating from China, kombu-cha (kelp tea) is a Japanese tea with a long history stretching back centuries, made from dried kelp, prepared with hot water. Kombu-cha is a caffeine-free drink with a strong umami flavor with a hint of saltiness, with a Japanese twist.

Ofukucha (Lucky Tea)

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Ofukucha Lucky Tea. Image: tsunagujapan.

If you have the opportunity to visit Japan on the first days of the New Year, this lucky tea is definitely indispensable. Ofukucha is made from green tea and combines with flavors of herbs, pickled plum and dried kelp just like kombu-cha.

The salty taste of kelp balances out the strong acetic flavor of pickled plums, creating a distinctive flavor but also very easy to drink. Ofukucha is also said to bring wealth, prosperity and good luck if drunk at the beginning of the new year.

Sakura (Cherry Blossom Tea)

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Sakura Cherry Tea. Image: norikko.

Referring to Japan is referring to the poetic scenes when cherry blossoms (sakura) are in full bloom. Cherry blossoms with pastel pink color are not only used for decoration but also used to make a famous drink that cannot be missed when traveling in this country with a light taste with a floral aftertaste. Sakura tea has a beautiful pink color and is a great drink to enjoy during the changing seasons.

Above is a list of 4 typical drinks in Japan, in addition, there are still many other quality drinks waiting for you to discover. Try as much as you can and continue to experience the interesting things about Japanese food when traveling here.

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