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4 things to do before going to bed so that the fat disappears, if you know it early, you will lose weight easily, and your skin will be beautiful again

Many people eat little but still get fat, it is difficult to lose weight, while there are people who eat a lot but not easily gain weight, lose weight easily. The main reason is from their living habits. There are people who always do the following 4 things before going to bed, helping to “burn” fat every night, making them wake up healthy and light, never worrying about getting fat.

Go to bed before 11pm

Staying up late is a habit of many people, possibly due to work or different objective and subjective reasons. However, staying up late is harmful to the body, because you are not only uglier, aging faster, but also easier to fat. According to scientists, when you sleep, the body secretes a hormone that can help burn excess fat in the body. However, when you stay up late, the process of secreting this hormone is interrupted, causing the fat in the body that cannot be burned to accumulate, making us fatter. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, it is best to never stay up at night.

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Habits that can help you lose weight while you sleep are easy to follow. (Illustration)

Soak your feet in warm water

Soak your feet in warm water to speed up blood circulation, remove toxins from the body, and keep you warm. When your body is healthy, they will increase fat burning, helping you to reduce excess body fat. Therefore, before going to bed, soak your feet. Soaking feet also helps you more beautiful skin.

Don’t snack before going to bed

Research results show that eating after 6pm is not good for the body. After this time, the body’s digestive process becomes weaker, the calories you eat are not effectively consumed. At that time, these calories are converted into fat stored in the body, especially the abdomen. Food also burdens the stomach, affects the quality of sleep, makes you easy to gain weight.

Scientific studies show that it is best to have dinner before 7pm. After this mold, it’s best to just eat less sweet fruits, drink filtered water…

Do not exercise, exercise vigorously

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Stretching and relaxing movements are better for your sleep. (Illustration)

According to scientific studies, gentle exercise in the evening is very good for the body, but you should stop doing vigorous exercise about an hour before going to bed. Research results show that adrenaline and cortisol – brain chemicals that provide energy for the fight reflex. Both of these hormones are released when you’re physically active, to prepare your body for stress. Increased levels of adrenaline and cortisol make the mind spin, making it difficult for us to fully relax and fall asleep.

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