5 eating habits to avoid after exercise

Experts nutrition Erin Kenney says: “Eating after exercise is essential for the body to recover. It’s an opportunity to energize muscles, reduce inflammation, and help build and maintain lean muscle mass.”

It’s helpful to have a healthy snack after a workout, but there are unhealthy eating habits that should be avoided after you’ve just burned off calories.

Eat a salad right after a workout

After your workout, you can skip the salad or at least combine it with something else.

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According to experts, salad has more fiber and requires more energy to digest. Right after a workout, most of the blood leaves your digestive tract, so it’s better to have a salad for your meal later in the day. Instead, choose quick carbs and protein supplements like banana smoothies and protein powders.

Drink a sports drink after a workout

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If your workout lasts less than 60 – 90 minutes, you may not need a sports drink.

Ms. Kenney said: “Eating healthy, balanced meals and snacks and drinking water is enough to replenish lost electrolytes and glycogen stores. Furthermore, most sports drinks contain a lot of refined sugar and unhealthy additives.”

Forgot to drink water

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Nutritionist Stephanie Hnatiuk says: “Drinking water after exercise is just as important as before and during exercise because fluid is lost through perspiration during exercise.”

Dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps and problems with blood sugar, Hnatiuk stressed. Therefore, you should drink at least 2 cups (about 473 ml) after exercise. If you exercise at a high intensity, in a hot or humid environment, you may need additional fluids or electrolytes.

Do not eat carbohydrates

Many people mistakenly believe that protein is all that is needed after exercise, but carbs are just as important. Carbs are the body’s main source of fuel and are needed after a workout.

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The combination of protein and carbs will aid recovery by replenishing glycogen, which helps build and repair muscle. For example, instead of just drinking a protein shake mixed with water, experts suggest drinking a protein-rich smoothie with fruit instead.

Fasting after a workout

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Maybe you want to exercise to lose weight, so tend to continue fasting afterward. However, experts recommend that you eat and fuel to maintain lean muscle mass. Eating helps lower stress hormones and balance blood sugar throughout the day.

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