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5 types of sandals are “treasures” to hack Hollywood stars

Like every sister, sandals are also an indispensable piece when Hollywood stars perfect their summer style. Besides the youthfulness and coolness, the appearance of a pair of sandals will help the whole outfit become more stylish and liberal. If mixed more skillfully, sandal also has the effect of luxurious style. Sandal in general is very trendy, but not all designs catch the eyes of Hollywood beauties. In fact, the Hollywood female stars Give priority to the 5 sandal styles below. All are very stylish and luxurious, if you do not refer, it is too expensive.

Finger sandals

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Flip-flop sandals are not too new footwear styles, but are always favored by Hollywood female stars. The biggest advantage of sandals Finger piercing is a liberal, true summer look. This item helps the overall outfit stand out, but still has something airy and elegant. Hollywood beauties choose flip-flop sandals that are not picky, matchy, they love simple designs, neutral tones. Thanks to that, even if you combine flip-flop sandals with trendy skirts or T-shirts + jeans, Hollywood stars still have a harmonious and reasonable overall outfit to every centimeter.

Mule shape sandals

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If you regularly follow fashion trends, you will not find it strange with mule sandals. This type of sandal helps to release the heel, creating a feeling of openness and thanks to that, your overall figure will look very tall. Not to mention, mule sandals always have a heel size of 5-7 inches, helping to hack the height even more spectacularly. Mule-shaped sandals not only exude a stylish look, but also bring femininity and grace to the wearer. Mule sandals are very suitable to mix with dresses, but when adorning summer sets + jeans, women still have a very trendy overall outfit.

Strap sandals

Horizontal strap sandal not only helps legs look more elegant and longer, but also scores elegantly. This is why, horizontal strap sandals will be ideal to mix with well-organized, bold office outfits, or sets for formal occasions.

To increase the sophistication and elegance of the outfit, Hollywood female stars will choose neutral-toned strappy sandals. However, the strappy sandals are a bit bright, such as red sandals are still popular with Hollywood beauties, and mix with elegant clothes to increase the standout look.

Two strap sandals

Sandal with two straps looks very personality and youthful. These sandals can make even the simplest outfit stand out and stylish. The next advantage of a two-strap sandal is comfort, easy to put on and take off, so it is more suitable to wear in hot summer. Because two-strap sandals always have a flat base, women should give preference to long pants and ankle-length skirts. Thus, the body will look tall, even hacked a few inches in height. The two-strap sandal is quite dusty and thorny, but the women who mix it with the skirt are still very good. This sandal even helps the dress set look more fashionable and playful, but still retains the femininity and flight.

Black Sandals

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It can be seen that, no matter how diverse the style changes, Hollywood stars will still return to the simplest things, such as a minimalist sandal with black tones. Thanks to the neutral tone, black sandal can be combined with any outfit, from light style to trendy, thorny. Women also do not think that sandals with black tones are bland. The appearance of this sandal will help the overall outfit more stylish, elegant, just don’t be afraid to look bad.

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