Billionaire Madam Pang laments about ordering food for the Thai team

According to the sharing of Thailand’s team leader – female billionaire Nualphan Lamsam, also known as Madam Pang – on her personal page, a few days ago, Thailand head coach Mano Polking expressed concern about the problem. Eating and drinking of the players while stationed in the city of Qarshi (Uzbekistan) to compete in the Asian Cup preliminary round. The nearest Thai restaurant is located in Tashkent, almost 500 km from Qarshi and takes at least 6 hours by car.

Billionaire Madam Pang laments about ordering food for Thailand - 1

Thai players receive food delivered from hundreds of kilometers away. (Photo: Facebook character)

During the last meal, Madam Pang decided to order Thai food for the players stationed in Qarshi to eat with the Thai U23 members. Due to concerns about the quality of the food being affected during transportation, it is all dry or fried. Meanwhile, the Thai U23 players are more diverse.

In order to facilitate the eating of Thai team members, Madam Pang said she will look for restaurants with Japanese or Korean food near Qarshi city, ensuring that the dishes are not too unfamiliar with the bridge. Thailand player. Meanwhile, the Thai U23 team gets to eat homegrown dishes every day.

In the last match of Group C Final Round U23 Asia 2022, Thailand U23 will have a decisive match with Korea U23. After 2 matches, U23 Thailand also has 4 points and a goal-loss ratio of +3 like U23 Korea. However, coach Worrawoot Srimaka’s team is temporarily ranked above because it has not received any yellow or red cards.

Thus, just drawing with Korea U23 in the next match and not having to receive too many penalty cards, U23 Thailand will win tickets to the quarterfinals without caring about the outcome of the match between the two sides. U23 Vietnam and U23 Malaysia.

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