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“Billionaire’s Paradise” with unique and strange things

A tour of Banana Island “Billionaire’s Paradise”. (Video: Nigeria Travel vlog)

The “hidden gems” in the potential treasure Nigeria tourism

Nigeria possesses exotic long beaches, azure mountains, enchanting traditional culture and fascinating destinations. Featured in this tourist treasure are 9 “hidden gems”, a chain of islands that offer exciting adventures for visitors, including Victoria, Ikoiy, Tin Can, Bonny, Snake, Refuge islands. (Refuge Island), Brass, Iddo and Banana Island (Banana Island).


Lagos – Nigeria’s largest city with more than 21 million inhabitants, is the 2nd fastest growing city in Africa and 7th in the world. (Image: Getty)

Of these 9 “hidden gems”, Banana Island is the brightest. Banana Island is an artificial island, named after its curved shape resembling a banana. Banana Island is 1.63 million square meters, off the affluent Ikoyi suburb of Lagos – Nigeria’s largest city.

Banana Island is planned for a mixed development of residential, commercial and recreational buildings, completed in 2000. Banana Island is likened to Nigeria’s “answer” to the hubs. world famous bustling centers such as Paris’s 7th arrondissement; La Jolla of San Diego; New York’s Tribeca; Shibuya and Roppongi of Tokyo.


Nigeria Tourism. Banana Island is famous as a new community on the water, dubbed “Billionaire’s Paradise”, by gathering the super rich and famous. (Image: Getty)

Very quickly Banana Island became famous as a new community on the water, dubbed “Billionaire’s Paradise” – Nigeria tourism by bringing together the super rich, famous people from both Nigeria and abroad such as: Mike Adenuga – billionaire owner of Globacom; Iyabo Obasanjo – daughter of former president Olusegun Obasanjo; Sayyu Dantata – son of Alhassan Dantata who, upon his death in 1955, was one of the wealthiest men in West Africa; Kola Abiola – son of businessman/politician MKO Abiola…

Nigeria tourism: “Billionaire’s paradise” – a peaceful piece of heaven next to Lagos


“Being at Banana Island shows your social class,” said Charles Onyenze, partner at global real estate consultancy Knight Frank. (Photo: thedreamafrica)

“Banana Island is a peaceful piece of heaven next to noisy Lagos… It ensures security, quiet and privacy. To get to the island, you have to go through security, so you can only come by invitation” – Ms. Roberta Nouboue, CEO of Madingwa Real Estate, talks about the uniqueness of Banana Island by its beauty and seclusion. However, there are still tours that take tourists to visit this unique “Billionaire’s Paradise” of Nigeria.


It is rare that Banana Island residents can take a relaxing walk even late at night, or go jogging to catch the sunrise in the early morning… without having to worry about security or pollution. . (Photo: thedreamafrica)

Banana Island (Banana Island) is unique because there is very little, even almost no traffic, on world-class roads, with the appearance of a “sleeping city” with 24/7 bright lights. The island lies very close to the crystal clear blue waters of the Lagos Lagoon and presents an exceptional “perfect luxury lifestyle solution”.


Nigeria used to attract 5.27 million international tourists in 2016. After that, the number of arrivals tended to decrease. (Photo: thedreamafrica)

Due to Covid-19, the revenue from international tourism of Nigeria in 2020 only reached 311 million USD, significantly down compared to 1.471 billion USD in 2019… Post-Covid-19 era, Nigerian tourism is increasing its efforts to collect revenue. Attracting international tourists again, with one of the unique highlights is “Billionaire’s Paradise” Banana Island (Banana Island).

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