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Binh Xuyen rebels confront Ngo Dinh Diem, shelling the Independence Palace

Originally, Binh Xuyen was the name of Binh Xuyen hamlet in Chanh Hung village, Nha Be. After 1945, the name “Binh Xuyen” was used to refer to the Binh Xuyen Force with the core of Southern Gypsies, operating in the vicinity of Saigon for 10 years (1945-1955).

Binh Xuyen rebels confront Ngo Dinh Diem, shelling the Independence Palace - Photo 1.

Bay Vien – a leader of Binh Xuyen forces.

After the Anglo-French aggression in Saigon (September 23, 1945), many spontaneous anti-French military forces were established. The people who set up the army often take their name to the forces in the region, like the Tan Quy army, also called Duong Van Duong’s army, or more concisely, the Ba Duong army. Nha Be’s army was named after the soldiers of Hai Nhi, Hai Soai…

When Duong Van Duong, the leader of the Southern gangsters, unified military forces against the French in Tan Quy, Tan Thuan, Nha Be, and Thu Thiem, he chose the name “Binh Xuyen” to name the force. this consensus. This is the word name on the map Saigon – Cho Lon to refer to the Ho Ban area, also known as Xom Co, the area of ​​operation of this force. The name “Binh Xuyen” also denotes: “Binh” evokes the victory of conquering and pacifying, while the word “Xuyen” refers to the area covered with rivers and canals.

Binh Xuyen army was the strongest military force in the Southeast region at that time. The operational area was organized into Binh Xuyen Inter-zone (including detachments 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 21, 25), responsible for encircling the Anglo-French troops in the south of Saigon. After the central envoy Nguyen Binh joined the army, Duong Van Duong was appointed as the deputy minister of Zone 7.

After Duong Van Duong died in battle in 1946, Binh Xuyen forces were divided. An anti-French division led by Duong Van Ha (ie Nam Ha, Duong Van Duong’s half-brother) was reorganized and officially became the National Guard.

Another division, led by Le Van Vien (aka Bay Vien), broke away in 1948 and cooperated with Bao Dai to establish the National Government of Vietnam. This element was the best known Binh Xuyen force in the 1950s.

Since 1948, the separatist Binh Xuyen force has been an additional military force within the French Union under the name of “Volunteer Police”, operating in the vicinity of Saigon.

Under the consent of the French, Binh Xuyen controlled many casinos, brothels, and large and small businesses throughout Saigon—Cholon including Casino Grande Monde (Great World), Casino Cloche d’Or (Great World), Casino Cloche d’Or (Great World), Casino Cloche d’Or (Great World), Casino Cloche d’Or (Great World), and Casino Cloche d’Or Kim Chung), Noveautes Catinat Department Store.

After the Geneva Agreement, Binh Xuyen was supposed to join the Vietnam National Army but did not obey.

In July 1954, Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem conceded the establishment of the central government and submitted a list of the cabinet. Le Van Vien, the commander of Binh Xuyen demanded to participate in politics and made a claim to form a new government. Binh Xuyen forces, together with Cao Dai and Hoa Hao armies, also established the National All-Power United Front and sent an ultimatum forcing the government to have a new list by March 26, 1955.

Ngo Dinh Diem refused to give in, so Binh Xuyen attacked the General Staff and then shelled the Independence Palace. In April 1955, Binh Xuyen troops attacked Cong Hoa citadel. The National Army counter-attacked, destroying the main base of Binh Xuyen in the area of ​​Chu Y bridge, causing Binh Xuyen forces to withdraw from Saigon, Cho Lon and withdraw to Rung Sac.

In September 1955, Ngo Dinh Diem directed Colonel Duong Van Minh to launch Operation Hoang Dieu to hunt Binh Xuyen in Rung Sac. The Binh Xuyen army was completely annihilated. Le Van Vien defected to Cambodia and then exiled to France, ending the strength of Binh Xuyen.

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