BTS| Jungkook English song cover [PLAYLIST]

BTS | Jungkook English Song Covers Compilation 🎶Jungkook English Song Covers Playlist🎶 1. 2U 2. Paper Hearts 3. Lost Stars 4. We Don’t Talk To Jimin Anymore 5. Just Like A Star 6. Fools With RM 7. Nothing Like Us 8. Purpose 9 .We Don’t Talk Anymore (Mashup ft. Selena Gomez) 10. Dear Nobody 11. See You Again 12. Oh Holy Night #BTS #Jungkook #Cover #Playlist #BTSPlaylist #JungkookPlaylist #JungkookCover Disclaimer: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT ASSUMED. I DO NOT OWN ANY SONGS CONTAINED IN THIS VIDEO. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE RESPECTIVE ARTISTS AND COMPANIES


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