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Cheap milk dish helps increase collagen, lose weight very good for her…

Smooth skin, slim figure is the dream of many women. Besides skincare and exercise, diet also plays a very important role. In particular, there is a type of cheap milk that has the ability to increase collagen production and lose weight very well that the office lady should not ignore, that is: Soy milk.

Cheap milk dish helps increase collagen, lose weight extremely good for office girls - Photo 1.

Skin beauty benefits of soy milk

Soybeans are rich in isoflavones – a substance that can be converted into collagen for the skin, helping to maintain beautiful young skin and prevent aging. Therefore, soy products are very good food for beauty.

Talking about soy milk in particular, milk is processed by soaking and grinding soybeans with water, filtering the water, and then removing the residue. This mixture is then boiled and filtered to remove the remaining seeds to get milk. Milk has a natural smooth consistency, light taste. Drinking soy milk will help women increase collagen, maintain youthful, smooth skin. In addition, in soy milk contains many vitamins A, B1, B2, D, K … good for health.

Cheap milk dish helps increase collagen, losing weight is very good for office girls - Photo 2.

Drinking soy milk every day is an effective way to lose weight, keep fit, and beautify women

Weight loss benefits of soy milk

Besides being good for the skin, soy milk is also a food that helps to lose weight and keep fit. It is estimated that a 100ml glass of soy milk has about 54 kcal. Soy milk has a high protein content, creating a feeling of fullness for a long time, effectively avoiding snacking. The monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B12 in soybeans also support fat metabolism in the body.

Other uses of soy milk

In addition, the phytoestragen component in soy milk also helps to stimulate the development of mammary gland parenchyma in women, helping to increase breast size.

Soy milk helps supplement calcium, vitamin D and protein, contributing to preventing osteoporosis for women effectively.

Soy milk has a good vitamin B9 content (26 µg per 100g). Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, has the effect of reducing fatigue, promoting the functioning of the nervous system and the immune system more effectively.

Is black soy milk or white soy milk better?

In fact, both types of soy milk have the ability to lose weight and keep fit. However, black soy milk contains anthocyanins which have strong antioxidant capacity; while white soy milk contains a lot of soluble fiber that is good for weight loss. So, depending on your needs, you can choose the right type of soy milk.

Cheap milk dish helps increase collagen, losing weight is very good for office girls - Photo 3.

Black soybean milk is rich in antioxidants to help beautify the skin and increase collagen production; White soy milk is rich in fiber to help lose weight effectively

Note when drinking soy milk to lose weight, beautify skin

Drinking soy milk before meals helps to create a feeling of fullness and increase weight loss.

– Should drink unsweetened soy milk.

– The amount of soy milk in a day should be moderate, no more than 500ml.

– Soy milk contains a lot of protein, so you should limit drinking soy milk in the evening.

– People with flatulence, bloating, heartburn … should limit drinking soy milk.

– Do not beat soy milk with eggs; they can cause precipitation, indigestion and loss of nutrients of these two foods.

– You should make your own soy milk or choose soy milk with a guaranteed production process. Avoid choosing processed soy milk because they are often high in sugar and preservatives.

– Soy drinks can be incorporated into a slimming diet to gradually replace traditional cow’s milk.

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