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Continuous shooting in the US leaves at least 6 dead, 25 injured

Continuous shooting in the US left at least 6 dead, 25 injured - Photo 1.

Bullet holes in the window of a building in Philadelphia after the terrible night of June 4 (Image: Getty)

The two shootings on the evening of June 4 and the early morning of June 5 (US time) are the latest in a string of gun violence incidents over the past three weeks.

Earlier, on June 2, President Joe Biden gave a speech at the White House about the need for gun control in the US. “Too many massacres have taken place in the United States,” he said.

Just before midnight on June 4, several people opened fire on South Street in Philadelphia, an area known for its nightlife with many bars and restaurants.

Officials announced that two men and a woman were killed, with many others injured. The three victims were aged 22, 27 and 34 while those injured were between 17 and 69 years old.

Philadelphia police reported that there were at least three different shootings on South Street on June 4, involving at least five assailants.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called the shooting “horrific, shocking and unacceptable”.

Just a few hours later, on the morning of June 5 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, another shooting took place. Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy revealed there are multiple suspects in the incident.

Three people died and 14 others were injured, two of them from gunshot wounds and the third being hit by a car while fleeing the scene. Some of the injured are in critical condition.

Last month, a shooting in Buffalo killed 10 people, followed by a shooting at a church in Laguna Woods, California that left one person dead and many injured.

At its peak in late May, the shooting at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas left 19 students and two teachers dead. On the first day of June, four people died in a hospital shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to data from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a nonprofit research group, there have been at least 240 mass shootings in the US in 2022 so far.

According to the GVA, a mass shooting is defined as one in which four or more people are shot or killed, not including the shooter.

706 children between the ages of 0 and 17 were killed in mass shootings by 2022. Additionally, data shows that 1,764 children have been injured in these events to date.

Also according to GVA data, the total number of deaths from gun violence is 18,607, from all causes, including homicide, suicide, mass shooting, self-defence, open fire. intention.

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