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Dior wins big for choosing to side with Johnny Depp

On June 1 (local time), the global public focused all of their attention on the final trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. After 3 intense working days with a large volume of documents and evidence, 7 members of the jury came up with the final result. Victory belongs to the star Pirates of the Caribbean. He will receive 15 million USD in compensation from his ex-wife.

Dior won big for choosing to side with Johnny Depp - Photo 1.

Actor Johnny Depp

At the final deliberation, Johnny Depp was absent, but still hundreds of his fans came to the gate of Fairfax, Virginia (USA) to wait for the results. Among them, the majority are women. Contrary to the disappointment on Amber Heard’s face when walking out of the court, the “army” of women cheering Johnny Depp cheered, raised banners, chanted Depp’s name to celebrate the victory. On social media, millions of other women also expressed their agreement with the court’s ruling. They believe that this victory helps Depp be cleared of false accusations from his ex-wife for many years.Sharing after winning the lawsuit, Johnny Depp expressed: “The jury has given me my life back. From the beginning, the purpose of pursuing my case was to tell the truth, whatever the outcome.” It can be said that the actor “Pirates of the Caribbean” has a spectacular comeback to win back the fans’ love and trust.

According to Variety, Depp created sympathy with the public after the trial ended. The audience gave absolute support to the actor. As proof, a petition on the site asking Disney to return the actor to the Pirates of the Caribbean series has received more than 475,000 signatures. Some Hollywood filmmakers also opened up to the actor. The actor has just participated in voicing the animated movie Puffins Impossible. Depp is also starring in a new film directed by Maiwenn as King Louis XV…

However, there is one luxury brand that is even more thrilled than Johnny Depp when he wins, and that is Dior. A source close to the actor revealed, “Dior’s sales are continuing to skyrocket during Johnny Depp’s pursuit of the lawsuit.” According to the Daily Mail, the perfume products advertised by the actor are out of stock in the UK and US.

In fact, after the lawsuit was brought to the attention of the media and the audience, Johnny Depp’s fans shared a series of videos on social networks calling for buying perfumes of the French brand. They ordered products from Dior to thank the brand for still working with the actor, even during a time when he was turned away by Hollywood. Data from Hey Discount shows that demand for the Dior Sauvage fragrance was exploding in the weeks when the lawsuit began.

In just one month, searches for this fragrance increased by 48%. In March, searches reached 823,000. This number increased to 1.2 million in April. Views of the French brand’s perfume videos on social networks also increased by 63%. During the time of the lawsuit, views reached 209 million. Many female fans also left comments saying that they would buy men’s perfume products to give to their husbands/lovers in the hope of contributing a voice to support Johnny Depp.

Now, when Johnny Depp is declared victorious, reality has proven that Dior’s decision was completely smart. According to Cosmetify, this classic Sauvage fragrance continues to occupy the position of the best-selling men’s fragrance line at The Fragrance Shop, being honored in the “Best seller” category on many perfume websites. Dior’s Q1 2022 business report also shows that some of Amber Heard’s allegations even benefit the fashion house’s business.

“In the past, when a celebrity was accused of something, even without trial, luxury brands would back off on their own,” said Robert Burke, founder of a luxury consulting firm. High-end brands don’t like to be controversial or have any connection that might upset consumers or tarnish the brand’s reputation. But the case of Dior and Johnny Depp is one of the rare cases where the brand chooses to still accompany the artist amid controversy.

Regardless of public opinion, the Christian Dior family still maintains its stance, letting the actor be the face of the famous Dior Sauvage perfume line. As a reminder of the style of the infamous “pirate”, Dior also put the actor on the Eau Sauvage Elixir campaign, which was broadcast during The Greatest Bake Off event. This move is considered a risky move and quite crazy – in common sense. At that time, the “Me too” movement was spreading around the world and there was no guarantee that the brand would not be boycotted globally for publicly supporting a person who is said to be “domestic violence”.

In fact, Dior has shown a broad vision, strategic and quick thinking. When all allegations from Amber Heard are one-sided, and the public is busy following the spirit of “feminism” that the actress is diligently preaching, the brand is waiting for the law to come in. Meanwhile, Dior proved to the world that the scent was written to suit him from the movie to the real life. A wild, strong, adventurous and also very gentleman scent.

Johnny Depp entered fashion when he became the face of Dior 2015. In that year, the French fashion house introduced a new men’s fragrance after a decade with Dior Sauvage. They chose Johnny Depp for the ad campaigns. According to The Guardian, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor was paid 5 million USD (115.9 billion), to appear actively in advertisements even to this day. The luxury fashion house once revealed that Johnny was initially chosen to be the face of this men’s fragrance because of “particularly authentic charm, tattooed arms and hands covered with jewelry.” strength of stone”.

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