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Easily transfer large files from your smartphone

Instead of storing documents to a hard drive or USB, the simplest solution for sending files can be large capacity is through an online service or a dedicated app.

User smartphone always wanted to save storage space and now there are many solutions to this problem. There are several useful applications that will help users to send files (files) large capacity from iOS or Android devices.

1. Google Drive

The desktop version of Gmail comes with an integration with Google Drive, which is capable of sending files up to 10GB in size through an individual’s cloud account.

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However, unlike the iOS version, the Android version does not have this feature. But users can still upload 1 large file to their Google Drive account and then share it with other recipients.

To upload your file to your Drive account, select it in the file manager, then click “Share – Google Drive” and simply choose the location where you want to save the file.

2. WeTransfer

There is a version of WeTransfer for Android, but if you want to save disk space, users can simply use the browser version via smartphone. The website is available in 8 languages ​​and automatically opens in the user’s language. WeTransfer’s only downside is that the delivery isn’t perfect because it’s full of ads.

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However, Wetransfer is still one of the best free solutions for sending large files up to 2GB. Simplicity and speed of use are the outstanding advantages of Wetransfer.

Using WeTransfer is very simple, just go to the main page of the web and add or remove documents (no need to compress or modify). The sender then needs an email address to receive delivery confirmation and download. 1 file can be sent to 20 recipients with download link valid for 7 days.

3. Smash

Smash is a service for transferring files. All you have to do is drag the files you want to send to Smash’s home page, fill in the recipient’s email address, and you’re done.

This tool allows users to share files completely free of charge and with no size limit. Users can also do this via email or via a link (even on Slack for business).

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However, the transfer speed of files exceeding 2 GB will be slow. To fix this, users will have to use the Pro version for a fee of 5 euros/month. In terms of availability, the file is valid for up to 14 days for the free version and 365 days for the paid version.

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