Excellent Tuan Tai, great coach Gong Oh-kyun

U23 Vietnam There has been no first victory in the Asian U23 tournament, but the performance of coach Gong Oh-kyun’s teachers and students brought an optimistic signal. After a draw in the lead in the opening match against Thailand U23, U23 Vietnam had a commendable point against U23 Korea, thereby igniting hope of returning to the quarterfinals of the tournament. U23 Asia after 4 years of waiting.

Video: Tien Long takes a long shot to score against Korea U23

Impressive Thanh Binh

In the match against Thailand U23, midfielder Nguyen Thanh Binh could not attend due to physical problems. The player born in 2001 returned in time in the match against Korea U23 last night (June 5), forming Bui Hoang Viet Anh to form an experienced defensive duo who once played for the national team.

Thanh Binh had an excellent match with 2 tackles, 8 times to break the ball to rescue, 6 times to win a duel dispute and 2 times to intercept the opponent’s chances.

Thanh Binh’s tackle to stop Park Jeong In’s shot in the face of goalkeeper Quan Van Chuan showed the strongest points of the player wearing the Viettel shirt. It is observation, fortitude and alertness at the decisive moment.

Thanks to Thanh Binh’s steady defense, U23 Vietnam only let the Korean U23 offensive line score 1 goal, stopping a series of 7 consecutive matches that always scored at least 3 goals per match for the opponent. With the duo Thanh Binh and Viet Anh, U23 Vietnam is having a solid fulcrum to go far in this year’s tournament.

U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Tuan Tai is excellent, coach Gong Oh-kyun has a good hand - 1

Thanh Binh (No. 5) plays firmly.

Tuan Tai’s charm

Phan Tuan Tai is showing impressive performance from the 31st SEA Games final up to now. After contributing his shoes to 2 goals of U23 Vietnam in the match against U23 Thailand (1 goal, 1 assist), Tuan Tai continued to show his influence in the team’s play in the match against U23 Korea last night. 5/6.

Tuan Tai’s horizontal stretch line eliminated up to 7 defensive players, opening up a large space for Vu Tien Long to finish with his outer cheek to subdue goalkeeper Goh Dong-min.

Tuan Tai is growing constantly through each match. The phase of climbing the border and handling with the very flexible left ankle of the defender wearing the number 2 shirt created a highlight in the attack, helping U23 Vietnam have more tactical mutations in the left corridor.

The discovery of promising players like Tuan Tai is one of the biggest “treasures” that U23 Vietnam has in this tournament.

Level of Literature

If the performance of Thanh Binh and Tuan Tai was somewhat predicted before the duo proved their ability in the SEA Games, then the shining 90 minutes of goalkeeper Quan Van Chuan before U23 Korea brought many surprises. .

Van Chuan is not the number 1 option of U23 Vietnam in this tournament, but that position belongs to Nguyen Van Toan. After Van Toan caught the ball with the wrong technique, leading to an injury in the match against Thailand U23, Van Chuan was allowed to enter the field and show his class.

U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Excellent Tuan Tai, great coach Gong Oh-kyun - 2

Van Chuan tried his best.

In the match last night, Van Chuan frustrated the Korean U23 strikers with 4 saves ten times. In particular, the phase of blocking Eom Jin Sung’s second-line shot, or the situation of closing the corner before Van Chuan’s close-range finish of the Korean U23 player is worth no less than a goal.

Van Chuan’s performance was even more impressive when the goalkeeper of the Hanoi team, who had never participated in the U23 Asian Cup final tournament, played in a position full of pressure. Van Chuan’s sure reflexes or catches of the ball created more confidence for Vietnam U23s, helping coach Gong Oh-kyun’s team overcome times of pressure.

Gong Oh-kyun’s talent

Coach Gong Oh-kyun has proven his military talent with a reasonable defensive strategy against Korea U23, in addition to his impressive ability to make substitutions.

U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea: Tuan Tai is excellent, coach Gong Oh-kyun has a high hand - 3

Duy Cuong played progress.

In the second half, Mr. Gong threw Vo Dinh Lam and Nguyen Van Tung onto the field, then the duo created a dangerous attack situation that caused South Korean U23 midfielder Lee Jin Yong to suffer a second yellow card.

Coach Gong Oh-kyun also launched Nguyen Hai Long into the field in the last minutes and almost the Hanoi player made a mark with a solo goal. U23 Vietnam is not highly appreciated for its force in this tournament, but Gong Oh-kyun’s talent in commanding troops, both in terms of tactical diagrams and human layout, is making a difference.

In the last match, if Vietnam U23 wins against Malaysia U23, Gong Oh-kyun’s teachers and students will have many opportunities to enter the quarterfinals to continue their memorable journey at the 2022 AFC U23 Championship.

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