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Excited when going to the eye examination to find a pericardial cyst of “huge” size

News from Hung Vuong General Hospital (Phu Tho) has just discovered a patient with cysts pericardium after deep extraction of a woman’s health for an eye exam.

The woman was suddenly diagnosed cysts pericardium when going for eye examination is Mrs. MN (62 years old, from Phu Tho). She went to Hung Vuong General Hospital for an eye exam because recently her eyes were heavy, her eyes were watery, and her throat was sore.

Receiving patients, the ophthalmologist diagnoses the patient with lacrimal obstruction and assigns the patient’s routine.

When he went to the eye examination, he discovered a

When the patient said he was tired and had trouble breathing, the doctors ordered a CT scan of his chest for the patient and discovered that the patient had cysts pericardium (CT scan for patients at Hung Vuong General Hospital. Photo by BVCC)

However, when the doctor asked more about the patient’s health, Ms. N said that in the last few months, she appeared to have difficulty breathing, fatigue, reduced working capacity a lot, could not do heavy work. bought medicine but not cured.

Mrs. N has never had a medical check-up at the hospital and this is the first time the patient has had a medical examination.

The doctor has indicated that the patient needs to perform a CT scan of the chest for an in-depth diagnosis. The result shocked the patient: The patient had a mass cysts pericardium large size: 45x75mm. The doctor advised the patient to be hospitalized for treatment.

Currently, the patient is being treated at the Oncology Department – Palliative Care of the hospital. After the doctors consulted with experts at K Central Hospital, they agreed to appoint surgery for the patient.

When he went to the eye examination, he discovered a

Picture cysts patient’s pericardium. Photo of BVCC

Currently, the patient is receiving health care at the Oncology – Palliative Care Department of Hung Vuong General Hospital to prepare for the surgery.

According to the doctors, cysts Pericardium is a very rare disease with an incidence of 1 in 100,000, most of which are discovered incidentally or only when there are complications. Diagnose cysts The pericardium is weak through CT scanner, Magnetic resonance and echocardiography.

Symptoms cysts Common pericardial: cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, feeling of pressure behind the sternum. Cysts The pericardium is usually benign, but complications can arise from compression of adjacent structures of the heart, inflammation, or hemorrhagic rupture of the tumor.

Normally cysts The pericardium has a congenital cause, often without symptoms until the cyst enlarges and compresses nearby organs.

Doctors recommend that patients should have regular health checkups, when having symptoms of shortness of breath, chest tightness, they should see a specialist for timely examination and advice.

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