Fabio Quartararo finished first at GP Catalunya

Last weekend, the audience of speed sports turned their attention to the Barcelona racetrack – where the 9th race of this year’s MotoGP season will take place. This is the first race in this season without the participation of Marc Marquez, but that does not make it any less attractive.

Fabio Quartararo only got 3rd place when the race started, below 2 opponents, Aleix Espargaro and Francesco Bagnaia. However, he soon rose to the top. A series of accidents then caused some riders to give up and also caused Aleix Espargaro to fall behind. He had to compete for the position with Jorge Martin and could not close the gap with Fabio Quartararo.

Fabio Quartararo finished first at GP Catalunya - Photo 1.

The deplorable mistake of celebrating too soon caused Aleix Espargaro to be overtaken by Jorge Martin in the final round, not only that, but he could only finish 5th.

Fabio Quartararo has an easy victory in this stage, thereby increasing the gap with Aleix Espargaro to 22 points, while last season’s runner-up, Francesco Bagnaia has now dropped to 5th after having to retire at this race. . Next week, the drivers will compete in the 10th stage at the Sachsenring circuit, Germany.

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