‘Facebook will not be able to recover if Mark Zuckerberg remains CEO’

A former Facebook employee and also the one who revealed many secrets from this company, Frances Haugen, has just continued to have an interview with Bloomberg. Here, Ms. Haugen said that this social network will not be able to recover until Mark Zuckerberg resigns as CEO of the company.

Also in the talk, Haugen talked about her motivation to speak out publicly after leaving the company in May 2021.

Haugen has published 10,000 pages of documents showing how the social network understands how its products are damaging the mental health of teenagers, inciting violence in countries like Ethiopia, and out of control. misinformation before the riots in Washington on January 6 last year.

She said that Zuckerberg “really thinks that Facebook is just a mirror of reality and that whoever is unhappy is because they can see it”.

“Mark has always been surrounded by people since he was 19 years old. They always tell him he’s doing a great job.” Haugen added that “we can talk bad about Zuckerberg, but that doesn’t make him act any faster.”

Unlike most public companies, Zuckerberg holds a 56 percent voting stake in Meta, Facebook’s parent company, Haugan said. “No one but Mark Zuckerbert can control Facebook right now.”

When asked by a reporter if Zuckerberg should leave, Haugen said: “I don’t think this company can recover as long as Mark is still the company’s leader.”

“The truth is that Mark bets on the virtual universe when I talk about genocide,” Haugen said. “Instead of taking action to make the system more secure, I think that’s a disclaimer.”


In fact, very few companies are tightly controlled by someone like Facebook. By creating different classes of shares with different voting rights, Zuckerberg has near absolute control of the company. “Facebook’s board of directors acts more like an advisory committee than a supervisor, as Mark holds 56% of the voting shares.”

In fact, the Ford family – who owns the Ford Motor empire, which is famous for its “authoritarian” level, also holds only 40% of the company’s voting rights. With Walmart being tightly organized, the Walton family also owns less than 50% of the shares.

“His power is huge. Mark Zuckerberg controls Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – three of the five most popular communication tools on the planet,” said Chris Hughes, who co-founded Facebook but has since left the company.

Some former Facebook employees have even revealed that Zuckerberg alone can decide to configure the social network’s algorithm to determine what people see in the News Feed, what privacy settings they can usage and even what messages are sent.

Mark also sets his own rules for how the platform distinguishes violent and inciting speech from mere insult. He also chooses to take out his competitors by acquiring, blocking, or copying features in them.

Source: Bloomberg, The Atlantic

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