Fix common errors on Android devices

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Fix error Samsung phone lost wifi

Samsung in particular and Android phones very often fall into this situation. This case may be caused by the user forgetting to turn on wifi, being far from the wifi source, etc. Some ways to fix it are as follows:

◊ Check wifi connection or not

◊ Restart the router because it is possible that your wifi source is having problems

◊ Reboot phone and try to connect to wifi again

◊ Reset network settings

The above methods can be applied to iPhones that cannot connect to wifi.

Fix the error of the phone not charging

There are many reasons why the phone cannot be charged. To fix it, you can do it in a few ways:

Restart the phone

Change charging cords, chargers and plugs

Clean the dust on the phone

The battery has been damaged, broken and it’s time to replace it

Turn off apps that consume battery life

Fix the error that the phone does not recognize the SIM

In addition to the error of wifi not being able to connect to the network on the phone, the phone that does not accept the SIM also causes a lot of discomfort for users. When the phone does not recognize the SIM, the user cannot make calls and messages, causing interruptions in contact with everyone. Depending on the “illness” status, you can fix the error in a few ways:

Check the phone signal

Turn airplane mode on and off

Restart the phone

Clean SIM copper core

Check SIM slot

Set your phone to automatic network mode

Try inserting the SIM in another phone

Bring the phone to the service center, repair

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Fix the error that the phone hangs on the logo, freezes

Phone freezes can happen when the device is dead, updating software, etc. When the phone often hangs the logo, has to restart many times, it may be due to a software conflict error on the phone. machine. To fix this error, you can apply some of the following solutions:

Restart the phone

Restore Samsung phone in Safe Mode

Reboot Samsung phone

If you still can’t fix it, you probably have to ask for the help of a reputable phone repair shop.

Fix the error that the phone says the device is too hot

Overheating devices can be caused by using the phone for too long, a damaged battery, the habit of charging while using it, using a case that is too thick, damaged hardware, etc. An overheating phone can increase the risk of fire and explosion. , the phone has a touch disorder that is uncomfortable and dangerous for users. To fix the phone overheating error, you can refer to the following ways:

Do not use your phone with heavy tasks for too long

Restart the phone

Limit the use of cases that are too thick

Use the original charger

Charge properly, do not charge and use at the same time

The battery should be fully charged and then unplugged

Turn off connections when not in use

Limit playing games, use high intensity tasks

Do not use your phone in a hot environment

Check and disable apps running in the background

Regularly check, clear cache and cache

Update new OS version

Bring the machine to reputable repair centers

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Above are some common errors along with how to fix them for immediate effect. If the above manual methods cannot solve the above problems, then you need to take it to a reputable phone repair shop. is a reputable genuine phone store chain that has been operating for more than 8 years. Mobile World specializes in providing lines Samsung phonesiPhone, genuine Google, Fullbox, international, like new.

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