Football commentary U23 Vietnam vs U23 Korea, group stage U23 Asia 2022

After a 2-2 draw against Thailand U23, U23 Vietnam entered the journey to conquer the more difficult mountain named U23 Korea.

Coach Hwang Sun-hong’s team is the reigning Asian U23 champion, and has an even squad in all three lines with stars like Lee Kang-in, Lee Sang Min, Oh Se-hun, etc. ..

In the opening match, Korea U23 showed strength when crushing Malaysia U23 with a score of 4-1, even though the strongest team has not yet been launched. The level of Asia’s number 1 youth team is shown when 4 goals are scored in 4 different ways, from air combat, long shot, central coordination to attack in the wing corridor.

Football commentary U23 Vietnam vs U23 Korea, group stage U23 Asia 2022 - 1

Korea U23 is very strong.

Korea U23 is not only strong in fixed situations with many players with ideal body shape, but also attacks at high intensity very impressively thanks to the individual technique of the attack.

The core of the gameplay of “Taeguk Warriors” is Lee Kang-in – the star of Real Mallorca club. At the age of 21, Lee Kang-in has made 74 appearances in LaLiga for Valencia and Mallorca, who played in the Champions League. In 2019, Lee Kang-in won the Golden Ball at the U20 World Cup when he and Korea U20 reached the final.

If anyone understands the danger of Lee Kang-in best, it will be coach Gong Oh-kyun – assistant coach of the Korean U20 team at this tournament.

The midfielder born in 2001 plays the role of controlling the rhythm and coordinating the play of Korea U23 thanks to his skillful left foot and good tactical vision. In order to prevent the opponent from attacking the middle, keeping Lee Kang-in tight is a mandatory task of U23 Vietnam.

U23 Korea is a strong team in all aspects, so U23 Vietnam needs many defensive plans in this match. The good news for coach Gong Oh-kyun is that the duo Nguyen Thanh Binh and Ly Cong Hoang Anh will return.

If Thanh Binh brings steel to the defense, Hoang Anh adds certainty to the middle line of U23 Vietnam, which has not yet completed the task of shielding in the previous match against Thailand U23.

Football assessment U23 Vietnam vs U23 Korea, group stage U23 Asia 2022 - 2

U23 Vietnam played well in the 2-2 draw with Thailand U23.

In the opening match, U23 Vietnam impressed with the fiery pressing game thanks to the mobility of the attack line. The 4-1-4-1 diagram (4-3-3 variation when attacking) is a novelty of Coach Gong Oh-kyun compared to his predecessor Park Hang Seo.

Instead of going deep to defend and counter-attack, U23 Vietnam came forward to play proactively, confidently coordinate in a narrow space, exerting pressure from afar, making it difficult for the opponent to deploy attacks from the home field.

However, the weakness of the continuous pressing game is that some U23 players in Vietnam show signs of physical decline. In the match against Korea U23 at 8 pm tonight, U23 Vietnam is likely to return to the familiar counter-attacking defense, using a large number of defenders in the home field to protect the goal, and then push the ball quickly. for strikers to manage.

This is the optimal way to play against a leading continental opponent like Korea U23, in a match where 1 point is the most feasible goal that coach Gong Oh-kyun’s teachers and students can aim for.

Confronting the top strong team in the tournament is also a test for the maturity of the youth led by Coach Gong, by players such as Phan Tuan Tai, Nham Manh Dung, Khuat Van Khang, and Nguyen Van Truong. partly showing their ability, but still lack of international competition experience.

Football assessment U23 Vietnam vs U23 Korea, group stage U23 Asia 2022 - 3

U23 Asia is the first major tournament in Van Truong’s career (left).

Next to stars like Lee Kang-in, Um Won Sang or Choi Young Wook, it is clear that U23 Vietnam cannot be compared in terms of class and level. But the Asian U23 is a tournament of unpredictable variables.

Last night (June 4), U23 Uzbekistan beat U23 Qatar 6 goals without removing, or U23 Turkmenistan defeated U23 Iran 2-1.

U23 Vietnam can expect a surprise if coach Gong Oh-kyun takes advantage of his understanding of the opponent to have a reasonable strategy, and the players play with over 100% ability. In the match without heavy pressure to win, Manh Dung and his teammates can contribute another memorable match in this year’s Asian U23 tournament.

Probable teams

Van Chuan, Tuan Tai, Thanh Binh, Viet Anh, Tien Long; Duy Cuong, Van Truong, Hoang Anh, Minh Binh, Van Do, Manh Dung.

Guess: 2-2

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