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Heart-wrenching stories of postpartum wives

All her frustration and pain culminated when her husband blurted out: ‘I’m so sick of my period, it keeps crumpled like that rag is so scared’.

“Damn, my stomach is so bad now, it’s crumpled like that rag is so scared”

Last night, my best friend called, she kept crying on the phone: “Men are liars, only after giving birth to him will you know if he really loves you or not. “.

I’m confused, I can only advise her to calm down. On the other end of the line, my friend sighed: “It’s no use talking too much, he’s still the same”.

Then she turned off the phone and sent me some recordings and chats between her and her husband.

My friend just gave birth 15 days ago. She constantly lamented: Even though she gave birth by cesarean section, she still had to cook by herself, as long as her mother-in-law returned, her husband would turn on emotionless mode, do nothing, hold the baby for about 1 hour a day, Then back to the game room.

Confidentiality of exhausted wives after giving birth: In the end, who really changes in marriage?  - Photo 1.


All her frustrations and pain culminated when her husband blurted out: “Damn my stomach is on my period, it keeps crumpled like that rag is so scared”.

And that’s what makes her even more heartless than those heartless actions. Although he later apologized for “unintentionally”, but deep in her heart, the wound left a scar, and the love for her husband suddenly broke down.

Her story is probably too familiar in this life. Women both during pregnancy and after giving birth are quite sensitive. Physical pain, having to get used to a new role makes them see their husbands as a lifesaver to cling to, to try to adapt.

I have witnessed many cases in the maternity hospital, from husbands who care about their wives carefully to those who carelessly only show up to the doctor to know that this woman has a husband.

Maybe that’s part of the reason women are so prone to postpartum depression. Because the small gestures but the lack of goodwill piled up, they hurt them deeply.

That’s when I knew that marriage changed greatly after a loving couple entered the stage of becoming a father and mother.

For many couples, having a baby is like an intermediary step that can chill their relationship, without being careful it can even turn into a complete freeze.

Many men complain that after giving birth, the wife seems to be different, her appearance is ruined, her mind is focused on the child, and she is no longer as attractive as when she was in love.

Confidentiality of exhausted wives after giving birth: In the end, who really changes in marriage?  - Photo 2.


But really, you have never sat down and asked your wife to give her a chance to express why she changed like that.

She doesn’t care about you as much as she used to because she discovered that your love for her is not what you promised at the wedding.

She doesn’t even want to take care of herself because she discovered that before, she needed to be beautiful to make you happy, but now she just needs to learn how to be a good mother.

You just see your wife has changed, but the truth is that she gave all her tenderness and tolerance to you, before she became hard.

In the end, the real change is you, not her.

We have changed, to become mothers who take care of the family and take care of children like a superhero

A wife once said on an online forum, during the confinement period, she was breastfeeding, changing diapers, doing housework, severely lacking sleep and exhausted.

But her husband not only did not understand, but accused her again and again:

“If you’re sleepy, go to sleep, just overdo it? Always complain of hand fatigue, low back pain, the baby only weighs a few pounds a day and can hold it for a few hours? It’s just that normally she refuses to exercise. I cry all day, I don’t understand why I cry, it’s like I’m the only one who knows how to be a mother…”.

Women can endure the hardships and hardships of motherhood and wifehood, but what makes them most tired is the insensitivity from their husbands.

Confidentiality of exhausted wives after giving birth: In the end, who really changes in marriage?  - Photo 3.


Because giving birth is not the end of responsibility. Women have to face all kinds of things after giving birth, their health is also seriously reduced.

It is said that having a baby is a matter of husband and wife, but in reality, it is not, only women have to face all the pain during a long journey from pregnancy to childbirth.

So when a man thinks about the pain his wife must go through to welcome a baby, he will also know exactly what damaged his once beautiful body and what making his wife able to endure many pain at the same time.

For the husbands who are always complaining about having children and lamenting that their wives have changed, you are right, we have changed.

Because you are still you, only know how to relax and enjoy. But women are forced to change, to become mothers who shoulder the family and take care of children like a superhero.

In the end, it is not the women who have changed, but because there are men who have not changed to adapt to the new environment, new role. So do not rush to blame your wife without looking at yourself.

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