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How does hot weather affect health? Ways to cool down quickly without air conditioning

Doctors recommend that the hot, muggy climate easily causes many diseases commonly known as heatstroke. Everyone needs to be vigilant and avoid overheating.

According to health experts, the body’s best adaptive temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius. Within the safe limit of 20-30 degrees Celsius, the body adjusts well thanks to the mechanism of the thermoregulation center in the body. Brain. Reaching a temperature threshold that is too cold or too hot, the body cannot adjust in time because it exceeds the capacity of the thermoregulatory center. This self-regulation ability is also worse in children under 4 years old, elderly people over 70 years old or people with many medical conditions.

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The hot sun can make the body tired and exhausted. (Illustration)

Illnesses caused by heat are divided into levels from mild to severe depending on exposure to hot weather, ambient temperature, duration and severity of a person’s heavy work. Hot weather can cause 6 common problems such as:






Heat stroke (heat stroke)

If you are in the middle of a hot summer and don’t have air conditioning, try immediately the following ways to cool down to cool down your body:

Drink enough water

According to Wendell Porter, a senior lecturer in agriculture and biology at the University of Florida (USA), when you are hot, rehydrating your body is the first and most important step to cool down.

The temperature of the water doesn’t matter because your body will warm the water. If the body is hot and needs to regulate its temperature, it won’t be able to do so without moisture because the body cools itself by sweating.

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Drinking water is a simple way to help cool the body quickly. (Illustration)

Take a cold shower

Bathing in cold water from the shower or soaking in a tub both helps cool your body by lowering its core temperature. For an extra cooling sensation, you can use mint soap. The menthol in menthol activates receptors in the brain that tell the body that you’ve just eaten or felt cold.

Wrap a towel around your neck or wrist.

Place a cold cloth or ice pack on your wrist or wrap it around your neck to cool your body. These pulse points are areas of blood vessels very close to the skin, so you will feel cool faster.

Use a desk fan

Place table fans facing the window of your room to blow the hot air out and bring cool air inside.

Combined with the use of fans, in the morning and evening, when the air is cooler, open windows on all sides of the house to facilitate horizontal ventilation. Should close the door when the sun is high.

Resting near a fan also helps to lower body temperature.

Cover curtains or blinds

If your home has windows that face the sun in the morning and afternoon, pulling curtains or blinds can help keep sunlight out of your home and reduce heat.

You can also install a curtain system to insulate the room and reduce the chance of temperatures rising during the day.

Enjoy the cold food

Eating ice cream or cold fruit can help cool you down a bit. But don’t eat too much sugar because it will make you hotter.

Sugar can boost metabolism in the body and you will feel hot from the inside. So eating cold food is not a problem, but eating foods high in sugar is not recommended.

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When choosing cold food to quench your thirst, you should avoid foods and drinks with a lot of sugar. (Illustration)

When sleeping, wear soft, breathable clothing

Cotton is one of the coolest materials, so in addition to pajamas, you should use cotton sheets or blankets to keep your body cool throughout the night.

The lower the weave density (total warp and weft) of a cotton fabric, the more breathable it is. You should pay attention when choosing.

Sleep in the basement

If you can’t sleep through the night because it’s too hot, try lying somewhere other than your bedroom, if possible. The heat goes up, so if you have a low place or basement in your house, it might be better to arrange that as a sleeping corner.

Do not put clothes or thin blankets in the cooler or freezer to keep cool

Some people tell each other to cool socks, blankets, and wet clothes and then wear them to bed to keep their bodies cool when there is no air conditioning. This is not a good idea.

With the amount of energy these items can absorb from your body, they will warm up in just a few minutes. And then they can produce mold and discomfort. So you shouldn’t do it this way.

Close the main door and unused rooms

If there is an area in the house that no one is using, keep the doors and windows closed to narrow the cooled area and keep you cooler.

Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom

When you cook or take a hot bath, the hot air in the house often rises. The measure of turning on the exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom can remedy this situation.

Cook in the morning, in the slow cooker or cook outside

Heat from stoves and ovens can spread throughout the house. Keep the heat concentrated in one corner, such as in a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or if baking, do it outside the house so that the heat doesn’t “heat” in the room.

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