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How to make pomegranate juice for skin

Summer will inevitably come in contact with the sun. Heat radiation and UV rays can affect the health of women’s skin. Although you use sunscreen and cover with an insulating coat, you still need to take care of your skin’s health from deep inside. That’s the reason Pomegranate Juice should be present in every woman’s beauty care and youth maintenance regimen.

Pomegranate juice not only helps to keep the skin healthy and beautiful, but it also contains many more unique uses. With its ability to support many aspects of health, from boosting immunity to nourishing the brain, pomegranate juice is well worth adding to your and your family’s healthy diet.

The juice of this fruit is a

The small pink, red seeds inside the pomegranate contain many nutrients. They are low in calories and fat, and are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Pomegranate even contains some essential protein for the body. In addition to eating directly, you can bring juice to drink.

Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants. These substances help protect cells in the body from damage caused by free radicals. Compounds like punicalagins, anthocyanins and tannins found in pomegranates help prevent disease and support overall health.

The juice of this fruit is a

If inflammation goes on for a long time, it can cause chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease. Eating pomegranates or drinking pomegranate juice can prevent the chronic inflammation associated with these diseases.

Additionally, according to Healthline, some studies indicate that pomegranate extract may help reduce kidney stone formation. Besides, pomegranate also contains ellagitannin – which helps reduce inflammation in the body. They also help protect the brain against inflammation and oxidative stress.

How to make pomegranate juice

Materials to make

– Red Pomegranate

– Juicer or blender


There are different varieties of pomegranates on the market, ranging from light to dark varieties. In this pomegranate juice recipe, the type used is red pomegranate which gives the juice a nicer color and is also richer in minerals.

When buying choose heavy-duty fruits, wash them under running water. Cut off the bottom and top of the pomegranate.

The juice of this fruit is a

Break the pomegranate in half and remove the skin, separate the pomegranate seeds in a bowl.

The juice of this fruit is a

Put the pomegranate seeds in a blender or juicer. Push the button. You can add some salt and lemon juice if you like.

The juice of this fruit is a

If you use a juicer, you will have pomegranate juice in no time. If using a blender, you can use a fine sieve to filter out the residue. When using a blender, crushing pomegranates also causes the juice to foam. Using a sieve can remove this white foam.

A small tip is that you can add a slice of ginger when making pomegranate juice to prevent a cold stomach. Finished pomegranate juice should be enjoyed immediately, avoid long time they will oxidize, causing acrid taste and not delicious.

The juice of this fruit is a

If you want to store it longer, put the unpressed seeds or the finished juice in the refrigerator. If you use a juicer, you can combine apples to juice the pomegranate. This is also a great suggestion to enhance the nutrition of this skin-nourishing juice.

Besides, pomegranate juice contains a lot of iron, combined with fruits with a lot of vitamin C such as apples, lemons, oranges can support better absorption of iron.

Pomegranate juice is really nutritious, good for skin health and boosts the body’s immune system. You should regularly use this juice to enjoy the magical effects of pomegranate.

Good luck with this pomegranate juice recipe!

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