In life, what is the most important thing? Money, career, fame, health or family…?

On social networks, a question is asked like this: “For a person, what is the most important thing in the world?”

There was an answer that received a lot of approval that:

“People live in the world, no matter how much wealth, no matter how high their status, no matter how perfect their image is, it can’t be equal to a family home.”

That’s right!

Every day we are busy discovering new life, busy pursuing love, busy striving for career, in the process of burying our head and running forward, we have inadvertently missed the starting point of the past. after.

Poet Moore once said, “A man goes around looking for what he needs, and still can’t find it. When he returns home, he discovers that he has found it.”

One person, and “house”, is all!

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What does the best house look like?

Perhaps many people think that a good house is a luxurious, magnificent, splendid house, but it is not until after owning it, we are shocked to realize that is not the case.

The character Ms. Wang in the Chinese TV series “30 is not the end” is also the same, she lives in a luxurious, magnificent house, inside is full of expensive furniture.

Although the house is flashy, the atmosphere is always quiet and lonely, because the house only has the shadow of her and the maid.

Her husband is often not at home, her children are abroad, Ms. Vuong is outside talking and joking with others, but when she comes home, there is no one to confide in.

She could only find her sense of existence in one group of friends after another, but whether they were friends or friends, she had to question herself.

“Home” does not bring warmth, she cannot find it in outsiders.

Also in the film, the image of another family is completely opposite.

The wife sells cakes for a living, the husband works as a delivery man, even though they have to live in a cramped rented room, their lives are always very complete.

During the day, the wife sells cakes, the husband delivers goods everywhere, and the son happily goes to school.

In the evening, a family of three rides together on an old tricycle, talking and laughing, going home together.

They sit around the dining table with a delicious dinner, the room is small, the lights are dim, but the smile on their lips is always bright.

Compared to an upper-class person like Ms. Vuong’s character, their family is very ordinary, even poor, all day they work hard for a living, but one thing is different, their hearts are always there. feel warm, have a smile on your face, have a smile in your eyes.

An empty house, no matter how luxurious, is just a place to sleep.

Sitting around with the family, having fun and laughing together, the house is small and shabby, but the warmth and happiness still creeps into the heart.

The so-called “home” is not about how luxurious the house is or how stable life is, but “everyone is always together”.

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In middle age, having a home to return to is a blessing, however, there are many people who have a home but do not want to return.

The story of a blogger with the nickname Chuthapbat has told the pain of countless middle-aged people.

Mr. Chu and his wife have been married for many years, their income is not bad, and they are also considered well-off families.

But there is a problem that Mr. Chu doesn’t want to go home every day after work, because his wife always puts money first, which makes him feel helpless and depressed.

There was a New Year coming, he loved his grandmother who had to take care of the grandchildren every day for the hard-working couple, so he wanted to buy her a little expensive clothes.

Granny said that there was no need to buy such expensive things, and the wife sitting next to her also added salt and fish sauce: “Clothes in the market are much cheaper.”

Once, he lent money to his cousin, but because he didn’t have the money to pay it back, he couldn’t pay it back right away, so his wife kept repeating this all the time, and at the same time showed her displeasure.

Even when his father in the countryside was sick and had to be hospitalized, he wanted to come back to visit, but his wife objected, saying: “It won’t help, it costs money to travel.”

Similar stories are still many, every time he remembers, Mr. Chu feels extremely sad and helpless.

His wife always just wanted to save money, didn’t care about everything around, this inadvertently became the cause of “pushing” him out of the house, not wanting to go home every time he got off work.

Many times, when we are under pressure from life, we always think that money is the most important, it can solve all sufferings in life.

But later on, it was discovered that:

A lot of times, life is good, family is warm, not depending on how much money you have, but on how much love the house contains.

I once read a story about a shipper like this:

One day, he and his wife went to the supermarket, his wife saw a delicious cherry and wanted to buy it, but picked up a box to see the price, found it too expensive, so she put it down.

The shipper knew that his wife liked to eat, but since having children, she did not dare to spend money on expensive things anymore.

At checkout, the shipper silently put the box of cherries in the cart.

When the wife saw it, her mouth said “it’s expensive, it’s a waste!”, but her face was as radiant as a flower.

Yes, money spent can be earned back, but once the heart has cooled, it is very difficult to warm up again.

Goethe once said, “Whether a king or a farmer, a harmonious family is the happiest.”

Having money without “love”, cannot warm the heart; Only love and harmony can foster happiness.

If the home is not filled with happiness, where does “mind” know where to go?

The real meaning of a word “home”, it is a place containing love, tolerance and understanding that the outside world cannot give.

Family together, one part less comparison, more ten part care, so that “home” can really be a place to help us avoid rain and storm!

In life, what is the most important thing?  Money, career, fame, health or family...?  - Photo 3.


“When I stay, it’s just a place to live, when I go, the land turns into a soul.”

I remember when I first went to work, because of the mistake of a colleague, I was scolded by my boss, then I felt very sorry.

In the evening, when I got home from work, I didn’t bother to eat, at that time, my mother called me by video, telling me stories at home and teaching me all kinds of things.

Seeing my mother’s smiling face, and the familiar room behind me, I suddenly felt like I was coming home.

All sadness and self-pity disappeared, all were replaced by the longing of the day to come home, remember the meal that mother cooked, remember the story she told.

After talking with my mother, I went to cook, and the next day I regained my spirit to continue fighting.

Home is the pure realm of the wanderer’s heart, and also the best place for healing.

Home is a mother’s warm embrace, also the most tender nostalgia of children far from home.

Whenever sad, remembering the distant home, in my heart like a little comfort.

Career is in trouble, thinking about having someone waiting at home, courage is added.

A difficult love story, receiving care from parents, feels warmer in the heart.

The various pressures of life cannot erase the nostalgia for the homeland; The wind and snow you have experienced will also be melted by the tenderness of a word “home”.

The existence of the two words “family” is the homeland of the soul.

For the rest of your life, love more, don’t let those who love you feel cold, go home often, be with the people who love you the most in this world.

There is a most practical happiness in the world, that is: sitting in the yard, squinting at the sunset. 20220527163655949.chn


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