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Innovating, changing business methods to dominate the market

Pho is a familiar dish, however, have you ever tried the “stone bowl noodle soup”?

The “stone bowl noodle soup” dish used in a stone bowl has the function of keeping heat for a long time. First, the user will put the meat in a stone bowl to cook it thoroughly, then in turn add the pho noodles, herbs and spices. This bowl has been heated on a gas stove to a temperature of up to 300 degrees, which makes the pho broth always boiling and keeps the noodle soup from being crushed and the meat more tender. When enjoying, users will feel quite impressed because this is a combination of traditional flavors and modern cuisine, giving people the feeling that they are the chef who created this bowl of pho.

Ms. Chu Phuong Linh, Pho Bat Da, Dong Da, Hanoi, said: “The price for each bowl is from 50,000 to 90,000 VND and I also want to have something special so that every time tourists come to Hanoi, they don’t Just remember that only Hanoi has pho but also pho with stone bowls is very interesting, if eaten in winter, it would be great.”

From the familiar bread, Ha Hai Doan decided to build a street bread brand with the ambition of raising the bar to “Vietnamese fast food”. Building a chain of stores, in particular, focusing on the development of rental spaces in big streets is the goal that this boss aims at.

Mr. Ha Hai Doan, Director of Hai Dang Cuisine Co., Ltd., said: “We believe that serving in a place where customers are the most demanding, the most expensive, the most competitive, the most customers are customers. Vietnamese, then students, then foreigners, tourists… When we conquer, we think we will also conquer other areas easily.”

Success in business always requires businesses to have creativity and change in business business methodoperating so that it can dominate the market.

From the bread, to the bowl of pho… that seem so familiar to every citizen, now, thanks to the creativity that has been changed, more novel, thereby also raising the level of street food.

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