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Johnny Depp’s lawyer became a “headhunting” target

Female lawyer Camille Vasquez of Johnny Depp has received many offers from Hollywood and is at the center of a battle for various law firms. After her performance at the middle court Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, major law firms in the US want her to “join” for them. According to sources of NY Postthe contract with the amount of up to 7 numbers is being “placed” on Camille Vasquez’s desk.

The female lawyer “hard as a nail” is 37 years old this year. She participated in the trial and “shined” in arguments with witnesses at the trial. Camille became one of the factors that made public opinion “turn the car” in favor of Johnny Depp. The outcome of the trial leaves many career doors open for Camille, but she has yet to officially choose her destination.

“Headhunters in the legal industry are surrounding Camille because they recognize her as a smart, knowledgeable, poised lawyer who has the ability to influence the outcome of the trial as well as the influence of the court. it goes to society. Besides, the fact that she is a woman of color also makes many people admire more”, a source said.

Johnny Depp's lawyer becomes a

Johnny Depp’s female lawyer – Camille Vasquez. (Photo: NY Post).

Camille Vasquez and her team successfully convinced the jury that Amber Heard lied to Depp on all three counts against the actress, after she wrote in the newspaper Washington Post in 2018 asserted that she was “a victim of domestic violence abuse”.

Currently, Vasquez is still an associate of the famous law firm Brown Rudnick, although the famous lawyer Judd Burstein guesses “she will soon sign the contract as a full-fledged partner”.

Burstein, who represents singer Nicki Minaj, said: “No company would have allowed her to attend such a large trial if she did not sign the contract soon. There are two factors to becoming a singer. With her ability, Camille can go anywhere and make a “huge” amount of money for herself.

“The legal community is buzzing with law firms fighting to claim Camille’s signature. She’s a gem and the Amber Heard trial with Johnny Depp showed it,” according to the statement. NY Post.

Johnny Depp's lawyer becomes a

Camille Vasquez was an important factor in Johnny Depp’s victory. (Photo: NY Post).

Johnny Depp’s female lawyer convincing performance

Compare Camille Vasquez with Elaine Bredehoft’s attorney Amber HeardAccording to many law experts, Camille’s adjudicating skills are much more effective than Elaine Bredehoft’s, so much so that many people pity Elaine when confronted with such a clever lawyer.

Vasquez became a character admired by Johnny Depp fans after convincing arguments and questioning. Many people praised the charisma and eloquence of the female lawyer. In a video that has garnered more than 31 million views on TikTok, viewers pointed out that Vasquez had successfully used his right to protest 12 times with a witness of Heard in just 10 minutes, leaving the person confused and unable to continue. give clear testimony in the presence of a jury.

Camille Vasquez was born in San Francisco, USA, of Cuban and Colombian blood. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006 and the Southwestern Law School in 2010. For the past four years, Vasquez has worked at Brown Rudnick – a famous law firm with headquarters in many countries such as the UK, USA, and France. .. In 2021, she was voted by Best Lawyer magazine as “one of the promising lawyers of the year”.

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