‘Korea U23 is a victim of the miracle Gong Oh-Kyun’

“The Korean U23 is a victim of the ‘miracle Gong Oh-Kyun’. Hwang Sun Hong’s team should have won U23 Vietnam, but they couldn’t. This makes Korea U23’s chance to enter the quarter-finals to be shaken when he meets Thailand U23 in the last match. Reporter Lee Jae-Ho of Sport Korea newspaper commented.

Sport Korea also mentioned the difficulties of U23 Korea when it was not possible to win tickets early to the quarterfinals of U23 Asia. Not to mention, Korea U23 is in danger of being eliminated from the group stage if it encounters an unfavorable result in the final series.

'Korea U23 is a victim of Gong Oh-Kyun's miracle' - 1

Coach Gong Oh-Kyun was compared by the Korean press to Park Hang Seo (Photo: AFC)

Some other Korean newspapers emphasized that the experience and knowledge that Coach Gong Oh-Kyun accumulated during his time with youth training has been of great help to U23 Vietnam.

Before accepting the invitation to lead Vietnam U23, coach Gong Oh-Kyun had many years of working in the U17, U18, U20 and U23 teams of Korea as an assistant. He is a member of the Korean U20 training team that won the World Cup runner-up in Poland, including many pillars of the current Korean U23 such as Lee Kang-in, Cho Young Wook or Oh Se Hun.

“Many current Korean U23 players have been coached by Coach Gong. The opener – Cho Young Wook is one of them. When the match ended, Mr. Gong congratulated Coach Hwang Sun Hong, then Mr. to encourage old students”Osen newspaper described in detail after the final whistle.

In addition to the praise for coach Gong Oh-Kyun, the Korean media expressed disappointment about the result of the last match, especially the attacking performance of the defending champions.

“After the match, the atmosphere of the two teams was very different. U23 Korea is ‘draw but lose’, and U23 Vietnam is ‘draw but win'”Osen newspaper commented.

“The Korean U23 attack played a disappointing match. The players get the ball in front of the opponent’s goal, cross the ball well, but the shot is not accurate.”Sport Talk Korea emphasized.

'Korea U23 is a victim of Gong Oh-Kyun's miracle' - 2

The Korean U23 attack was criticized for taking advantage of poor opportunities (Image: AFC)

In Thailand, Siamsport website expressed surprise at the results of the match U23 Vietnam and U23 Korea. “The two teams split points with a dramatic 1-1 scoreline.site Siamsport commented.

Meanwhile, Thairath newspaper emphasized that the result of the match between U23 Vietnam and U23 Korea made U23 Thailand difficult.

“Vietnam U23 has 2 points and is full of opportunities to win tickets to the Quarterfinals when they face U23 Malaysia in the last match. Meanwhile, U23 Thailand is facing great pressure.Thairath newspaper commented.

However, striker Suphanat Mueanta – who scored twice against Malaysia U23 confirmed that Thailand U23’s goal is to win tickets to the quarterfinals.

“Of course we want to go through and we’ll do our best next game to get there.”the striker of Thailand U23 confirmed.

Video: U23 Vietnam 1-1 U23 Korea

Coach Worrawoot Srimaka was more cautious when it came to Thailand U23’s opportunity in the match against Korea U23. He appreciates the strength of the incoming opponent but believes his team can create a surprise.

“Anything can happen in the match between Thailand U23 and Korea U23. We respect every opponent and will fight to the best of our ability.”coach Worrawoot Srimaka shared.

In the final match of Group C Finals U23 Asia 2022, U23 Vietnam will face U23 Malaysia, while U23 Thailand will face U23 Korea.

If they win in the last match, coach Gong Oh-Kyun’s team is almost certain to continue. However, U23 Vietnam will have to wait for the result of the match between U23 Thailand and U23 Korea taking place at the same time to know their fate.

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