Korean media pointed out the only factor that raised the level of Vietnamese football

In the second match of Group C of the AFC U23 Championship 2022, U23 Vietnam has a confrontation with the defending champion U23. Korea. Despite meeting a very strong opponent, with reasonable legal fighting and tenacious competitive spirit, coach Gong Oh-kyun’s army excellently held the opponent with a score of 1-1. The scorer for Korea is Cho Young Wook and Vu Tien Long is the scorer for U23 Vietnam.

Immediately after the match, many major regional and international newspapers praised the progress of U23 Vietnam. On the STN Sports page, journalist Park Jae-ho analyzed:

“Vietnam confidently uses a 4-4-2 diagram to confront South Korea, a team that has a much better attack. With the encirclement strategy, Vietnam has minimized the opponent’s ability to attack.

Vietnam is a team that is considered weak in terms of physical strength. But the situation is clearly different now. They are led by Gong Oh-gyun from this tournament. But before that, Mr. Park Hang-seo was the team manager. With most of these players, Coach Park Hang-seo recently led Vietnam U23 to win the Southeast Asian Games for the second time in a row.

From the group stage to the final, they won 5 and drew only 1, setting a record of not conceding a single goal. That shows their superiority compared to other teams in the region. And under the coaching talent of Mr. Park Hang-seo, Vietnam did not disappoint when facing Asian powerhouses like Korea, and before that, Japan.”

Korean media pointed out the only factor that has raised the level of Vietnamese football - Photo 1.

The gold medal at the 31st SEA Games makes Vietnam U23 more confident when participating in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship

Next, STN believes that improved physical strength is an important factor in helping Vietnamese football to improve:

“The special thing that brings about these changes is that their fitness has improved and they are very active in fighting. In the midfield, it is common to see Vietnam U23s players winning the ball while besieging South Korea. .

That is the difference of Vietnamese football teams now compared to their former self. Their strong physical background has helped them elevate themselves. Admittedly, Vietnam created by coach Park Hang-seo and inherited by Gong Oh-gyun is becoming stronger and stronger.

In the closing match, U23 Thailand will compete with U23 Korea while coach Gong’s teachers and students have a decisive battle with U23 Malaysia to raise hopes of going on. Both of these matches will take place on June 8.

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