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Korean newspaper makes a surprise comment about coach Gong Oh-kyun

Although they played poorly and were led before Cho Young-wook scored in the 63rd minute, U23 Vietnam had an advantage because of Lee Jin-yong’s second yellow card in the 77th minute. Thanks to that, the students Coach Gong Oh-kyun excellently divided the score of Korea U23 with a score of 1-1. Tien Long was the equalizer for U23 Vietnam in the 83rd minute.

According to Chosun, Korea U23 completely dominated and had the advantage of 1 goal, but everything changed after Lee Jin-yong’s red card. Just a few minutes after the 21-year-old defender was disqualified, U23 Vietnam equalized 1-1. Also according to this newspaper, the reason why the “Taegeuk Warriors” could not win all 3 points was because they were too wasteful of opportunities in front of goalkeeper Van Chuan’s goal.

The Korean newspaper praised the leadership of coach Gong Oh-kyun - Photo 1.

Coach Gong Oh-kyun. Photo: Chosun.

Meanwhile, Hankoki newspaper praised the coaching talent of coach Gong Oh-kyun. According to this newspaper, the 47-year-old leader has done what his predecessor Park Hang-seo has never done, which is dividing the Korean U23 score.

Hankoki newspaper said that U23 Korea has become a victim of “Gong Oh-kyun magic”. It was the tactical adjustments of the coach born in 1974 that made the Korean team unable to win in the context of overwhelming play and leading goals.

The MK newspaper said that the lack of players caused U23 Korea to be held to a draw by U23 Vietnam. This result makes it impossible for Hwang Sun-hong’s students to soon achieve their goal of winning tickets to the quarterfinals of the 2022 Asian U23 Championship.

The reason why Vietnam U23 held a draw against Korea U23 was because the defense of the red shirt team played closely, had an advantage over people and knew how to convert their numerical superiority into an equalizer – Sports Seoul’s comment.

Sportal Korea newspaper said that the Korean U23 should soon get a ticket to the quarterfinals, but the draw in the situation of losing numbers against U23 Vietnam made the Korean team unable to achieve the first goal. First in the AFC U23 Championship 2022.

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