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Late treatment, boy had one testicle removed

A 3-year-old boy was admitted to Children’s Hospital 1 (HCMC) because of a painful inguinal bulge, the doctor discovered that he had hidden testicular torsion, and had to remove one testicle.

On June 6, Doctor Ho Trung Cuong (Department of General Surgery, Children’s Hospital 1) said that through examination, a bulging mass was found. inguinal regionand at the same time feel absent testicular One side of the scrotum should be thought of as possible testicular torsion. The ultrasound results showed that the diagnosis was “no testicular perfusion”.

The boy was quickly hospitalized for emergency surgery. But unfortunately, even though the doctor removed the torsion and waited, the testicle still could not recover. The surgical team had to remove the necrotic right testicle along with the remaining testicle to prevent torsion in the future.

Taking the medical history, the family said that they knew that the baby had undescended testicles before, did not operate because they were afraid that the baby was too small.

Late treatment, the boy had one testicle removed - photo 1

Illustrated testicles and testicles in correct position


According to Dr. Cuong, testicular torsion is a condition in which the blood vessel that feeds the testicle is twisted, affecting the blood perfusion of the testicle. If not operated in time, it will cause testicular necrosis and must be removed.

During the embryonic period, the testicles are located in the abdomen and gradually descend into the scrotum. A condition where a testicle is not visible in the scrotum is called an undescended testicle or undescended testicle. This is a fairly common condition in boys.

According to current treatment guidelines, this condition requires surgery to bring the testicle into the scrotum by the time the baby is 6 months old. The approach can be laparoscopic or open, depending on the location of the testicle.

“Any delay in carrying out surgery to bring the testicle into the scrotum will affect the development of the testicle. Like testicular atrophy or malignant metaplasia,” emphasized the doctor.

Parents should pay attention to the agency genital of children (because it is often hidden behind diapers or pants, so it is of little concern). Detecting any abnormality, even the smallest, the family should also take the baby to the doctor for the most appropriate examination and advice.

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