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Life has changed a lot after 6 years of being crowned Miss Thu Ngan

August 2016, Tran Cashier crowned Miss Vietnam Identity Global. When she was crowned, Thu Ngan had just turned 20 years old and is currently First year student in Hotel Management in Switzerland.

Thu Ngan speaks English and French. At that time, the beauty of the Rat year was considered worthy of the Miss crown. In addition to the lovely beauty, Thu Ngan’s figure is in harmony with the height of 1m70 and the measurement of 3 rounds: 87-59-92 cm.

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The sweet beauty of Miss Thu Ngan.

For fans interested in this beauty contest, the fact that Thu Ngan rarely appeared in front of the media raised doubts. Some people think that she is busy with her studies, so she does not have time to participate in entertainment events, there are rumors that the beauty does not care about showbiz things, so she does not want to appear at many events. to sue.

The beauty just shared that she has an extremely good and comfortable life, so she doesn’t necessarily get married for money. Thu Ngan’s biological family also has economic conditions. Her mother is a businessman who is also quite successful in the beauty industry in the port city of Hai Phong.

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Thu Ngan is an extremely secretive Miss after the coronation.

Talking about the reason she closed herself, Miss opened up: “Many friends also wonder why I am not active in entertainment, making images to be good for my business. But that’s not my direction. If I want to build an image, I have been doing it since I was crowned more than 2 years ago. Until now, I still think that not participating in showbiz was a right decision and have never regretted it“.

Regarding her private life, Miss Thu Ngan got married at a very young age and kept secret life after marriage.

Talking about past decisions in life, Miss Thu Ngan shared:We are all the same, we have to accept one, we will lose the other. That’s normal in life. I made the decision and I don’t regret it. It was the best decision at that time“.

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Currently, after 6 years of being crowned Miss, Thu Ngan has an extremely simple life.

Currently, Miss Thu Ngan hardly shares her private life on her personal page. The beauty only reveals her own beautiful moments and the projects she pursues. Miss Thu Ngan also attended many courses to improve herself. This makes the audience even more curious about the private life of Hai Phong’s original beauty.

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