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MC Nam Linh’s handsome look like a Korean actor

Bilingual MC Nam Linh (Vu Tran Nam Linh) is a familiar face on Vietnamese television. After winning the Silver Swallow award, he was extremely busy.

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MC Nam Linh made a mark in the audience’s hearts thanks to his talent, ingenuity, bright appearance and bilingual ability. After the Golden Swallow 2021, the Silver Swallow Nam Linh is extremely busy because the show is too expensive.
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Bilingual MC Nam Linh (Vu Tran Nam Linh) is a familiar face on Vietnamese television, hosting many famous TV channels such as VTV, National Assembly Television of Vietnam, HanoiTV or VTVcab and is especially prominent in many events. large bilingual event. Spend up to 6 months participating in Golden Swallow 2021 and excellently win 1st runner-up (Silver Swallow).

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From the first days of participating in the contest, Nam Linh has received high appreciation from the judges as well as the love from the audience. Many people think that it is very likely that Nam Linh will be crowned the Golden Swallow. However, the final result made many people regret.

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Even so, Nam Linh himself affirms that there are regrets, but he is still grateful and cherishes the opportunity to participate in the contest, rubbing and learning from talented and famous colleagues and seniors. in the industry.
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The jury also commented that, after Golden Swallow 2021, the audience can fully expect a “new” MC Nam Linh – different, creative, with outstanding personal style and perfect stage mastery ability. .
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When he was still a student at the Academy of Journalism and Communication, Vu Tran Nam Linh confidently participated in the competition at MC 2013 Rainbow. Stopping in the top 6 of Rainbow, Nam Linh received a lot of support and love. of many audiences, is considered to have a natural, youthful and creative way of hosting the program. In the contest, Nam Linh also won the award “Most Favorite Contestant” and was a special “piece” of Rainbow 2013.
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After that, Nam Linh continued to actively participate in many activities in the university and became the “most expensive show” MC at the Academy of Journalism at that time.
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Being an English major since high school, becoming a bilingual MC is a dream and a goal that Nam Linh always strives to achieve. Currently, Nam Linh is MC for OnSports World English Sports News, and is also one of the expensive MC shows in Hanoi – especially events, bilingual programs – an area that is still quite “difficult” for me. “MC market” in the country.

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After the Golden Swallow 2021, Nam Linh’s name is more and more known. Therefore, he also often has to move between Hanoi – Saigon to carry out big events.

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