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MC Phan Anh returns to acting in dramas after a period of silence

Monday, 06/06/2022 11:04 AM (GMT+7)

This time back, Phan Anh takes on the role of a father who has conflicts and misunderstandings with his children.

The return of MC Phan Anh on the small screen as an actor after a long absence to attract attention. In the movie Small way to life soon to air, he plays a father who has a distance from his son, because he is so busy that sometimes he cannot fully understand his children.

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MC, actor Phan Anh returns to the small screen

Small way to life exploiting the story “crisis at the age of 18” when revolving around the character Dung – a high school student. Dung (Hoang Long) has lived with his father (MC Phan Anh) since childhood, life is full of material things but lacks family meals because his father is busy all day. The distance between Dung and his father widened even more when his father made public his relationship with a woman that Dung did not have sympathy for. Not only that, things got even bigger when Dung’s father misunderstood that he had a shady relationship with a girl with a complicated private life at the game shop.

When there were many conflicts between the two generations, Dung happened to befriend a 60-year-old motorbike taxi driver Thanh. From being two strangers, they gradually became people who could share many stories with each other. They – one old, one young – but alike are all alone in their own house.

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Artist Bui Bai Binh plays a motorbike taxi driver who is friends with a student

People’s Artist Bui Bai Binh took on the role of motorbike taxi driver Thanh with natural acting like stepping from real life into the movie. On the outside, Mr. Thanh appears to be a calculating, material-loving and clever person, but inside is a person with a meaningful life. He is the one who always listens to the confessions of the 18-year-old student Dung, and is also the bridge to help Dung and his father remove the conflict. The unusual friendship between a young man and a 60-year-old man is the answer to the fact that generational differences are not the cause of disagreement, but because we have not had enough time to listen to each other.

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The cast in the movie

Trailer of the movie “Small Way to Life”

Besides the performance of People’s Artist Bui Bai Binh, actor Phan Anh, the film also brings a new breath of young actors Hoang Long – the role of Dung, Hiep Do, Ngoc Huyen. Small way to life is the next work of the director duo Nguyen Duc Hieu and Le Do Ngoc Linh – who have resonated with 11 May Days collaborated with screenwriter Manh Cuong. The film consists of 25 episodes, will officially air at 21:00 every Monday to Friday, starting from June 8, 2022 on VTV1.

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