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Monkeypox is spreading rapidly in many Western countries

According to the World Health Organization, in the past few weeks, more than 550 cases have been identified monkey pox In 30 countries, according to the Global Health network, the number of cases now reaches nearly 800 cases. In Canada and Germany, the number of monkeypox cases is increasing sharply in recent days.

As of June 3, Canada has detected a total of 77 cases of monkeypox, of which Quesbec province is the epicenter with 71 cases. This number is more than 15 times higher than at the end of last month. The majority of cases are gay and bisexual men. Even so, Public Health Canada stressed that all groups were at risk of contracting the monkeypox virus and warned that “rapid action” was needed to stop the chains of infection.

Monkey smallpox spread strongly in many Western countries - Photo 1.

The province of Quesbec has now begun vaccinating close contacts of people infected with monkeypox. Canada also has a stockpile of smallpox vaccines ready to be deployed to other parts of the country if needed.

Meanwhile, in Germany, in recent days, this country also continues to record more cases of monkeypox. In particular, the capital Berlin witnessed a significant increase in the number of infections with 39 cases, doubling in just the past few days. Most of the cases are gay men, joining the same club.

As a precaution, Berlin officials recommend that people avoid close contact with strangers. Those who suspect they have been in contact with sick people should immediately contact health authorities, stay at home and limit contact.

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