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More than 14,000 students in Ho Chi Minh City did not choose to take the public 10th grade exam

The Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City has prepared 150 test points, including 139 points for regular exams and 11 points for specialized exams with 3,953 exam rooms, each with 3 extra exam rooms. The Department mobilized 11,859 exam teachers and 1,800 employees, security guards, police… to perform their duties at the test sites.

This year, the whole city has 108,291 students considering graduating from junior high school, but only more than 94,000 students registered for the exam. class 10 High school. In which, more than 86,000 students took the regular 10th grade exam, 6,579 students took the specialized 10th grade exam and more than 1,300 students took the integrated 10th grade exam.

Thus, the city will have more than 14,000 students who will not participate in the 10th grade exam. According to the explanation of the Department of Education and Training, they have chosen another type of learning, suitable for their family and personal circumstances. Non-public high schools, vocational schools, continuing education centers or studying abroad.

The exam will take place on June 11 and 12. One day before, candidates will be present at the test sites to listen to the exam rules and correct information errors, if any.

For the regular 10th grade, candidates have to take three exams in Mathematics, Literature and Foreign Languages. Students who are admitted to the 10th grade specializing or the 10th grade integrated take the extra-specialist/integrated exam for 150 minutes on the afternoon of June 12.

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