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My fiancé’s proposal put me in a difficult and confusing situation

After when you get a divorce, I raise two children alone: ​​a son is in 3rd grade, a daughter is 2 years old. My ex-husband is a patriarchal, abusive, domineering man who only cares about himself and his family. I tried to accept and mend the marriage but failed.

Raising two children made my life miserable. Although I received the help of my parents, brothers and sisters, I still felt uncertain and sad. Until I met D, I was happier and more in love with life.

D is 2 years younger than me, is a virgin, has a stable job with a high salary. Since falling in love, D often buys milk, clothes and breakfast for my children. We also talk about marriage story, build your own house. D agreed with me to raise two human children. He loves my children very much, often takes them out to play and only the older children study.

But yesterday, during dinner, D suggested: “Once you’re married, you have to give me a child. Whatever you say, I still want to have a child of my own. But rest assured, I’m sure I’ll still love you two like my own children, makes no difference”.

I looked at D in surprise. Seeing my surprised expression, D asked if it was me do not want to have children anymore? I shook my head and said let me think about this. D doesn’t seem happy to hear me say that.

But how can I tell you, after giving birth to my second child, I sterilized already. At that time, I did not think about divorce, having another husband. I am so sad and confused. If you tell the truth to D, will you still love and accept my mother and me? If I deliberately hide it, I am afraid that my marriage will continue to fall apart, then how do I know how to live?


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