New graduates refuse salary of 12 million VND

“New graduates also have the right to demand high salaries” – this is the view of Thuy Dung – a former student of Foreign Trade University. In 2021, Thuy Dung received a diploma. But since 2019, the female student has been doing an internship and working at an import-export company. Here, female students are assessed as capable and have a deep understanding of the logistics industry.

After graduating from school, Thuy Dung applied for a job in another company to try her hand at a new environment. She is paid a starting salary of $500 by the employer (about 12 million VND) excluding other allowances. Thuy Dung refused this salary.

“I don’t have the mindset of ‘applying for a job’ but ‘applying for a job’. Before the interview rounds, I learn about the company, the position for which I am applying and confidently highlight my professional knowledge and skills. At the same time, I also researched the market to negotiate salary based on the principle of win – win, win-win. So with my qualifications, I turn down that salary.”Thuy Dung said.

Three months later, Thuy Dung was accepted into a multinational company with a salary of $750 (about 17 million VND). According to her, there are two reasons why fresh graduates receive unsatisfactory salaries. First, students who have no previous work experience set the goal of going to work to gain experience and learn about the work environment. Second, many students do not have salary negotiation skills and sometimes do not realize their true worth in the labor market.

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The article of a female student posted online said that she was shocked with the salary of 7 million dong when she graduated from school, which was controversial.

Before that, social networks stirred about the sharing of female students that the starting salary of just 7 million VND was “not adequate”. “Brothers and sisters, is it true that after graduating from school, the salary of 7 million? I’m in my freshman year, about to enter my 2nd year of college. My academic force is also average, but I think that after graduation, I will have a higher salary? Suddenly, people say that after graduating from school, the salary is only 7-8 million, but I feel so sad, is it worth 4-5 years of college, costing a few hundred million from my parents?”, the female student wrote.

The story of the female student caused mixed opinions. Someone, after reading the article, said that the female student “did not know how to measure her own strength”. The majority “stoned” and said that even though they worked for 3 years, their salary still stopped at 7 figures.

In the opinion of Nguyen Manh Thang – alumnus of the Academy of Journalism and Communication, if in the following years of study, female students try to gain experience and achieve good academic results, then they can completely own the degree. Higher salary.

Manh Thang himself, in the process of studying Television journalism at the Academy of Journalism and Communication, always tried to beautify the transcript. He also learns skills that can support his major such as graphic design, photography and videography… Thang’s English is also at a good level.

Graduated in 2020, despite the time of the epidemic, but with a good degree, good professional skills and 2 years of working experience, Thang’s salary when he graduated was 10 million VND.

“I feel that the salary of 7 million dong is a pretty good number and is acceptable for fresh graduates who are capable but do not have much experience. As for fresh graduates with high capacity, professional skills and good soft skills, who have been assigned to high positions since they were students, you will not be satisfied with the number 7 million. ”Manh Thang said.

In the same opinion, Thanh Nga, a fourth-year student of the Academy of Finance, thinks that 7 million VND/month is a normal salary, not so high that it is considered “an illusion” as many people say. Currently, many of you, even though you are students, have the capacity Yours is not inferior to that of working brothers and sisters.

“Criteria to evaluate a person’s salary cannot be based on age or time of graduation. What is more important is your capacity and skills and what can you contribute to the company?”, Thanh Nga said.

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