Phan Tuan Tai is the king of creation for U23 Vietnam

Phan Tuan Tai’s father said that his son has been passionate about soccer since he was a child. At the age of 3, Tai considered the ball as an “unseparable” object.

Phan Tuan Tai: From the top scorer in the district tournament to the assist king for U23-1
Phan Tuan Tai (No. 2) became the “nightmare” of Thai football

“King of Creation” for U23 Vietnam

On the evening of June 5, the team U23 Vietnam excellently held U23 Korea – the champion of the Asian U23 Championship with a score of 1-1. The one who scored the goal for U23 Vietnam was defender Vu Tien Long, but before that, it had to be the exact assist from Phan Tuan Tai.

Including the assists in the match against Korea U23, Tuan Tai had 2 assists and 1 goal after 2 matches.

In particular, the goal against Thailand U23 in the opening match of Tuan Tai was at 17 seconds, the third fastest in the history of the Asian U23 tournament. In addition, he also contributed an assist line to help Van Tung tear the Thai net.

Phan Tuan Tai: From the top scorer in the district tournament to the assist king for U23-2
New star on the left wing corridor of U23 Vietnam

Before that, many Vietnamese fans must have not forgotten Tuan Tai’s standard assist line to every millimeter in the final of the 31st SEA Games taking place at My Dinh Stadium.

From that pass, striker Nham Manh Dung headed the only goal to help U23 Vietnam beat Thailand U23 to win the gold medal.

Or further, in the final of U23 Southeast Asia 2022 at the beginning of the year, also with Thailand U23, it was Tuan Tai who created Bao Toan to score the decisive goal to help U23 Vietnam become the champion.

Phan Tuan Tai is emerging as a star U23 Vietnam’s creation and he is likened to the “nightmare” of Thai football. Tuan Tai possesses the ability to slick the ball on the left wing corridor and crosses the wing to the millimeter standard for teammates to score.

Round ball passion

On June 6, talking to PV, Mr. Phan Ba ​​Sau – the father of player Phan Tuan Tai said: “I’m still hoarse because yesterday I shouted and cheered for Vietnam U23 so enthusiastically. Every match is the same, every time U23 Vietnam plays, everyone gathers at my house or my sister-in-law’s house nearby to watch and cheer because there is a big TV screen. It’s fun to watch winter football”.

Mr. Sau shared that in 1995, his family moved from Do Luong (Nghe An) to Dak Lak to live. In 2001, Tuan Tai was born, also the youngest child in a family of 3 siblings.

Phan Tuan Tai: From the top scorer in the district tournament to the assist king for U23-3
Phan Tuan Tai took a photo with his extended family when he was newly recruited to Viettel football club

From a young age, Tuan Tai had an endless passion for the ball. At the age of 3, Tai only played with the ball all day, holding the ball like an inseparable object, but did not like to play with other toys.

Then, at the age of 7-8, Tai participated in children’s football tournaments of the commune and district and in any tournament, Tai was also the center of the team. At the age of 8, Tai was awarded the trophy for the top scorer in the district’s children’s football tournament.

Also from the trophy of the player who scored the most goals, Tai happened to be played by a family acquaintance and introduced to Dak Lak football club. At the age of 10, Tai started away from his family to pursue a career in digital clothing.

At Dak Lak Football Club, Tai has always been a prominent factor with his slick dribbling ability and sharp passes. Finance is the captain of the Dak Lak football club that won the National Children’s Football Championship 2012.

After this tournament, Tai was recruited by Viettel football club and stepped up to practice and compete professionally since then.

Phan Tuan Tai: From the district's top scorer to the assist king for U23-4
Photo taken with parents, brother and sister of Phan Tuan Tai

Not only passionate about round balls, Tuan Tai He also has an outstanding academic record. Mr. Sau shared, from an early age, Tai was always the best student at the top of the school.

In 2020, Phan Tuan Finance is the first valedictorian of the entrance exam to Hanoi University of Physical Education and Sports.

“Due to both studying and competing, the school also creates favorable conditions for Tai. When going to the competition, Tai studied online, outside of practice time, Tai always completed the assigned exercises.

With his family, Tai always cares and shares all joys and sorrows with his family. After each match, Tai often calls to talk to everyone.” Mr. Sau shared.

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