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Pregnant women should eat pumpkin?

Pregnant women should eat pumpkin?

Pumpkin contains a relatively low calorie and fat content, on average, about 1kg pumpkin contains only about 40 calories In the composition of pumpkin contains a lot of fiber, cellulose, natural sugar that does not cause fat .

Pregnant women should eat pumpkin?  - first

Should pregnant women eat pumpkin? (Illustration)

Besides, pumpkin also contains other substances such as beta carotene, protid, glucid, tirozin, fitin, salicylic acid, fatty acids… and essential trace elements, especially iron and zinc. . Therefore, eating pumpkin during pregnancy is very good and brings various health benefits.

Not only easy to find and cheap, pumpkin is also processed into many different dishes such as soups, soups, teas, porridges, cakes or stews that are both nutritious and easy to digest.

Pumpkin benefits for pregnant women

Helps reduce edema

Thanks to its sweet taste, cold properties and lots of water, pumpkin is considered a food that helps pregnant women to diuretic, cool, fight thirst and detoxify very well, especially during pregnancy in the summer.

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Eating pumpkin is very good for pregnant women. (Illustration)

In addition to pumpkin, pumpkin seeds also have the effect of reducing edema effectively by taking pumpkin seed kernels (remember to keep the green film outside the seeds) crushed, adding boiling water and enough white sugar to use. , mix this water and drink it in the early morning and evening on an empty stomach for about 3 consecutive days.

Support against constipation and weight control

On average, 1kg of pumpkin contains only about 40 calories, so this is one of the very necessary fruits to help mothers supplement nutrients for the fetus and the body without worrying about weight gain during pregnancy. Thanks to its high content of cellulose, fiber and natural sugar, pumpkin also helps to enhance digestive activity, prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, common problems during pregnancy.

Support pink and white skin care

Pregnancy often makes the mother more sensitive and dark than usual to the skin. At that time, pregnant women should take advantage of natural fruits such as pumpkin to help nourish and care for their skin safely and effectively.

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Pumpkin seeds and fruits are both very good for pregnant women. (Illustration)

In addition to regularly consuming soup, pumpkin soup to supplement antioxidants, protect skin from damage from the sun, mothers can prepare nutritious masks from pumpkin to help limit Reduce roughness, dry skin or exfoliate, smooth skin.

Support to help mothers after giving birth more milk

In addition to treating anemia, pumpkin seeds also help mothers after giving birth to have more milk. To prepare a remedy to increase milk production after giving birth, the mother just needs to take the raw pumpkin kernel that has been separated from the seed shell, pound it and mix it with warm water on an empty stomach continuously for 3-5 days.

Helps stabilize blood sugar

Eating pumpkin will help pregnant women control blood sugar effectively during pregnancy. Therefore, if the mother is suffering from gestational diabetes or has a need to regulate the glycemic index, pumpkin should not be ignored.

Helps reduce cramps

Pregnant women eating pumpkin are very effective in controlling cramps during pregnancy, and also provide effective pain relief.

Pregnant women should eat pumpkin?  - 5

Pumpkin helps pregnant women reduce the risk of cramps. (Illustration)

Helps prevent diarrhea

Diarrhea and eczema are two of the common conditions during pregnancy. To prevent, pregnant mothers can consider adding pumpkin to the nutritional menu to help eliminate worms hiding in the intestinal area, creek leaves, thereby limiting the risk of stomach infections.

Note when pregnant women eat pumpkin

Although good for health, but pregnant women eating pumpkin a lot causes some unwanted side effects such as:

Some allergic reactions: Pumpkin can cause a number of different allergic reactions in the body due to the release of pregnancy hormones in large amounts.

Digestive problems: Because of the high fiber content, pregnant women who eat a lot of pumpkin may experience nausea, diarrhea, vomiting or belching.

– Choose pumpkin: Do not choose too old fruit, the older the pumpkin, the higher the sugar content and the nutritional components in the pumpkin will also disappear. Pumpkin should be stored in the freezer. Processed pumpkins are not refrigerated, so they should be prepared in moderation and eaten in one meal.

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