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Psychological blow with Chatbot for outstanding revenue growth

As the first scriptless chatbot in Vietnam, CMC Chatbot on copen.vn has the ability to understand user intent, multiple answers, and is especially capable of automatically processing customer data warehouses.

In business, studying and understanding consumer behavior is a short step to help businesses easily “satisfy” customers. In particular, in taking care and communicating with customers, first of all, it is necessary to understand their psychology and desires to make customers satisfied and satisfied. The copen.vn expert said that the application of psychological attacks to Chatbot is also a way of “humanizing” to help this virtual assistant achieve superior efficiency.

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Benefits of Chatbot on copen.vn when applied in business

Understanding the basic needs in the buying experience

Any customer who has a shopping experience wants to receive a positive and quick response. To help businesses solve this problem, Chatbot copen.vn not only deploys and builds a system quickly, but also responds quickly and excellently to information. Chatbot copen.vn only takes a few seconds to send customer feedback, regardless of day or night, thereby increasing interaction, improving customer experience

Personalize customer experience

From the simplest things like calling a customer’s name when texting, or syncing business information through greetings, messages, read and response rates will be 78% higher than generic messages. This helps businesses increase awareness, the message will reach more customers and is a step to stimulate purchases.

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Features of CMC chatbot integrated on copen.vn

Pay more attention to customers after purchase

Don’t let customers feel “abandoned” after making a purchase. Because from this customer file, businesses can expand new customers or generate more transactions with existing customers. To solve this problem, Chatbot automatically performs survey tasks such as: service perception; delivery staff attitude; evaluation after using the product… both exploiting information and creating an opportunity to listen to feedback from customers.

Learn about customers every day

With an intelligent knowledge system, copen.vn’s chatbot is the first scriptless chatbot in Vietnam thanks to its connection to the business knowledge system and the ability to learn about customers every day. No need to prepare too detailed scripts, CMC chatbot will improve its own knowledge thereby helping customers to increase their experience, feel like they are being talked to, listened to, and consulted by the company enthusiastically and thoughtfully. . Chatbot will learn on customer information and activity history. In this way, the relationship between the customer and the business will be closer, thereby opening up more Resell -Upsell – Cros sale opportunities for existing products and other products.

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Researched, developed and built by CMC Telecom together with leading partners in Vietnam and the world, copen.vn is a digital transformation ecosystem that provides the most in-depth advice for key business areas. such as retail, logistics, consumer goods, finance, healthcare, real estate… Through the success stories of businesses that have applied digital transformation, copen.vn will help customers have a more intuitive and “real” view of the digital transformation journey. Not only that, copen.vn also offers suggestions as well as advice suitable for each management module in the most intuitive way, helping businesses to join and implement digital transformation quickly.

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