Quang Ninh prioritizes 20% land fund for workers’ housing

According to Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van, Quang Ninh has a high rate of economic development and urbanization, focusing on many production investment projects, so the demand for housing of workers in the province is very large.

The province has had many policies focusing on building institutions for workers, especially planning and allocating land funds for housing construction, and issued many resolutions and programs on housing development for the public. core. However, up to now, the housing provision for workers has not yet met the set requirements.

The employee does not have a fixed place of residence

According to the report of the Management Board of the Economic Zone, the number of employees working in Texhong Hai Ha Industrial Park is increasing rapidly, however, the remote workers do not have a fixed place to live.

Implementing one of the three strategic breakthroughs, developing human resources, especially high-quality human resources in order to create momentum for sustainable development, the province has paid attention and reserved a land fund with a scale of 164ha to meet the needs of customers. housing demand for workers working in the industrial park with a total of 36,252 people.

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Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van – Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee went to inspect the actual planning of workers’ housing areas and ancillary urban areas.

In the planning of workers’ living quarters and ancillary urban areas, housing, cultural, sports and medical institutions, etc. will be arranged to serve workers, helping them to feel secure in production and construction. contribute to the socio-economic development of the locality and the province.

Up to now, the component project has implemented the planning, including: Resettlement area, social housing area… However, the detailed construction planning scale 1/500 for worker housing area and residential area. Ancillary urban areas have not been synchronously deployed to conform to the Adjustment of the General Planning for Construction of Mong Cai Border Gate Economic Zone until 2040 and the approved construction zoning plan of 1/2000 scale in Quang Ha town area. .

In order to meet the requirements in management and ensure compliance with the upper-layer plannings, the Management Board of the Economic Zone, Hai Ha district and the investor met, organized to review and adjust the detailed construction planning. building the rate of 1/500 worker housing area and ancillary urban areas to serve the construction investment and construction of Texhong Industrial Park phase 1 under the direction of the Provincial People’s Committee.

Specifically, update the current status of projects, technical infrastructure (transportation, electricity supply, water supply…) according to the subdivision planning, urban area planning for auction to generate revenue for the budget.. Regarding the layout of functional areas, basically comply with the construction zoning planning of 1/2000 scale in Quang Ha town, Hai Ha district, approved by the Provincial People’s Committee, in which residential land plots are arranged. adjacent apartments and condominiums for low-income workers…

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Housing area for workers of Than Quang Hanh Company in Quang Hanh ward, Cam Pha city

Previously, the Department of Construction of Quang Ninh province was completing a project to develop housing for workers and workers in the coal industry and industrial parks; attracting high-quality human resources, skilled workers to work and live in Quang Ninh.

According to the Quang Ninh Department of Construction, it is expected that the province’s social housing demand by 2025 will be about 2.5 million m2 of floor space, with a total of about 46,000 units. In industrial zones, it can accommodate 68,000 workers, with about 700 thousand m2 of floor space (corresponding to 17.5 thousand apartments). Demand is concentrated in localities with industrial zones such as: Ha Long, Quang Yen, Hai Ha and Mong Cai.

Currently, coal mine workers have low income, meeting 9.5 thousand workers with about 590 thousand m2 of floor space (equivalent to 9.5 thousand apartments); middle-income workers meet 10.5 thousand workers, with about 640 thousand m2 of floor space (corresponding to 10.5 thousand apartments). Demand is concentrated in localities with a large number of miners such as: Ha Long, Cam Pha, Uong Bi and Dong Trieu.

For low-income people in urban areas, cadres and civil servants; High-quality human resources attracted to the public sector need to meet the needs of 10.5 thousand people, with about 640 thousand m2 of floor space (corresponding to 10.5 thousand apartments). Demand is concentrated in urban areas (4 cities and 2 towns).

Priority to use land fund 20%

According to the social housing development target by 2025, with the goal of meeting about 50% of the housing needs of the subjects; the total area of ​​social housing, housing for workers and employees in the province by 2025 is about 1.24 million m2 of floor, equivalent to about 25,000 apartments, of which: Projects are being implemented about approx. 460 thousand m2 of floor; Projects are expected to call for new investment of 770 thousand m2 of floor space.

According to the leader of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province, the province continues to review and strictly implement the land fund of 20% for construction of social housing in commercial housing projects and urban areas; actively inspect and urge investors of commercial housing projects in the province to speed up the progress and hand over 20% of the land fund for investment in construction of technical infrastructure; resolutely handle and withdraw projects that are behind schedule, violate the law, etc. Prioritize the use of 20% land fund in commercial housing projects and urban areas to develop social housing and housing for the elderly. workers in the period of 2022 – 2025 (the land fund has invested in infrastructure).

It is known that Quang Ninh is also interested in social housing for low-income people, housing for workers in industrial parks in the area. The Provincial People’s Committee has directed and required all commercial and urban housing development projects in the area to spend 20% of the project land area for social housing development in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Law. and Decree No. 100/ND-CP dated October 20, 2015 of the Government on development and management of social housing.

Currently, in the province, there is a social housing project in Kim Son (Dong Trieu) invested by Hoang Ha Ceramics Joint Stock Company with a total area of ​​94 hectares, including 589 adjacent houses, 2 apartments have been built. invested in technical infrastructure and currently built 47 adjacent houses.

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Housing area for workers of Texhong Ngan Long Co., Ltd in Hai Yen Industrial Park – Quang Ninh

Currently, Hai Yen Industrial Park (Mong Cai) has also built housing for workers with 4 blocks of collective houses with 969 apartments, meeting accommodation for about 5,000 workers.

Some other industrial parks are implementing housing investment projects for workers such as: Trade Union Institution Project of Cai Lan Industrial Park implemented by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor with an apartment building of 360 apartments. households, meeting about 1,200 workers, this project has been approved by the General Confederation of Investments; in Dong Mai Industrial Park (Quang Yen), Viglacera Corporation started construction of housing for workers from March 2020, expected to be completed in 2024 with 1,000 houses… Some industrial parks is also carrying out procedures, selecting investors to build houses for workers.

According to Mr. Le Manh Cuong – Viet Cuong Company, the concern and support for disadvantaged people in housing in Quang Ninh province and other localities in the area has helped workers feel secure and stabilize their lives. .

However, at present, social housing for low-income people has not yet met the demand due to its small quantity and difficult access. “Hopefully this issue will be paid more attention by the leaders of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province in the coming time,” said Mr. Cuong.

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