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Quy Nhon people swim in the sea at noon to welcome the Lunar New Year

PacifyAt 12 noon, thousands of people in Quy Nhon pulled together to bathe in the sea to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival in the hope of washing away bad luck and bringing good fortune home.

Quy Nhon beach, from Xuan Dieu street to An Duong Vuong street, is about 4km long at noon on March 6, full of people. They waited until noon to go to the beach to bathe. Among them are both locals and tourists.

According to custom, Quy Nhon people believe that bathing at exactly 12 noon on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month will help wash away all bad luck and welcome more fortune and luck. Therefore, this activity has been maintained for many years, especially in coastal fishing villages. Many families even bring cans to bring back sea water for members who can’t come to bathe directly.

Quy Nhon beach is crowded at noon.  Photo: Tien Dung

Quy Nhon beach is crowded at noon on June 3. Image: Tien Dung

Despite the large number of people, the beach area does not have a situation of jostling or loss of security and order. People come to swim in the sea with excitement because a year ago this activity was interrupted due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Currently, Quy Nhon is in the peak tourist season. The weather in this city is sunny, with little rain, very suitable for activities on the beach. This year, the Lunar New Year is close to two weekends, so many families leave work early to come to Quy Nhon to travel.

In addition to bathing in the sea, Binh Dinh people also welcome the Lunar New Year with simple offerings of cakes, sticky rice, and fruits.

The flow of people pouring into the sea creates a bustling scene.  Photo: Tien Dung

The flow of people pouring into the sea creates a bustling scene. Image: Tien Dung

Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday in some countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China… This day is also known as the “killing insect” day. In Vietnam, people have a custom to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival on the 5th of the 5th lunar month every year.

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