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Russia’s military activity does not cause a food and energy crisis

In an interview with Russia’s state television channel Rossiya-1, Putin said that the US “injects a large amount of money” into the country’s economy as a measure to overcome the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic. 19, has led to inflation and “uncertainty in the food market because it drives up food prices in the first place”.

The Russian leader also noted that the “short-sighted policy of European countries and, above all, the European Commission in the field of energy”, is another cause of the food and energy crisis.

“In addition, there are other problems, for example, Europe has not listened to our urgent request to maintain long-term gas supply contracts to Europe. Moreover, they have begun to terminate terminated the contract. This has had a negative impact on the European energy market, causing prices to climb. Russia has absolutely nothing to do with that,” Putin stressed.

As soon as the price of gas rises, the price of fertilizer “immediately rises because some fertilizers are produced using gas. Everything has a connection with it,” Putin said. We have warned about this and they are not related to any Russian military activities.”

The Kremlin said last week that Moscow was ready to “contribute substantial efforts” to avoid the food crisis, through grain and fertilizer exports, if the West lifted “politically motivated restrictions”. for Russia.

Earlier, US officials expressed concern that the Russia-Ukraine war would plunge the world into an energy crisis equal to, or even beyond, the oil crisis of the 1970s and early 1980s. US President Joe Biden has accused Moscow’s military campaign of causing price increases in the US and a shortage of global food supplies.

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